Desk Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors

Desk Chair Mat For Carpeted FloorsIf you have what we call an office job, which requires that you sit every day on a desk chair and work on your computer for long hours, then you could (and in fact you should) definitely use a desk chair mat for carpeted floors.

A desk chair mat for carpeted floors is basically a thin but at the same time endurable piece of plastic (specifically designed for carpeted floors) that you apply on your floor right on the area where your desk chair is. Desk chair mats are made from polycarbonates (a particular group of thermoplastic polymers) which guarantees high performance.

There are various reasons why you should use a desk chair mat for carpeted floors (or for any kind of flooring), first and foremost being the protection of your floor. The pressure that you chair applies to the carpeted floor while you are sitting on it is enough to cause some damage; let alone the damage that you can cause by rolling your chair around the floor (because let’s face it: if your chair has casters, there is no way you don’t start rolling it around whenever it suits you). Therefore, unless you don’t mind leaving scratches and marks due to those casters, you need to get yourself a desk chair mat for carpeted floors immediately.

Another reason to consider buying a chair mat is the fact that it will make your gliding much easier, since the surface of a desk chair mat is much smoother than the surface of a carpeted floor. And smoother gliding will not only make your transitioning easier, but it will also improve the way you sit and move with your chair, thus relieving you of various back pains that you might be experiencing.

As mentioned above, there are chair mats for all types of floors; but if you have a carpeted one, you need to look carefully and buy a desk chair mat for carpeted floors only so that you achieve maximum results. You also need to be careful of the mat’s size. Desk chair mats for carpeted surfaces are usually 36 x 48 inches or 72 x 96 inches, but they are also produced in custom shapes and sizes. Moreover, depending on the kind of carpet you wish to cover, you will have to buy a different desk chair mat. For example, economy chair mats are designed for low profile carpets that are less than 3/8 inch thick, like the common carpets available in the market that do not have a pad underneath; for carpets that are about 3/8 inch thick, it is better to use a regular mat; while for medium carpets (3/4 inches thick or less) that have padding underneath, a standard desk chair mat for carpeted floors is probably the best option. Last but not least, there are premium chair mats than can be used on all types of carpets; their expensive cost, however, usually limits their use to plush carpets that their thickness is greater than