Demand for Corner Guards Grows As Remodeling Budgets Tighten

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Demand for Corner Guards Grows As Remodeling Budgets Tighten

Demand for Corner Guards Grows As Remodeling Budgets Tighten
The tightening of remodeling budgets has led to an increase in installations of corner guards. As the need grows to protect walls and corners from dings and dents for longer periods between repairs, repainting, and remodeling; corner guards are a solution that are being utilized with increasing frequency. According to Ron Starr, President of floor and wall protection specialists Koffler Sales, corner guards are his fastest growing line of products.

There are a variety of types of corner guards. Selection of the appropriate model is based upon the damage protection required, matching the décor of walls, and the special needs of some facilities such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, labs, and schools to meet safety standards. View the complete line of Koffler Sales corner guards.

Selected Types of Corner Guards – Demand for Corner Guards Grows As Remodeling Budgets Tighten

Aluminum corner guards are recommended for use in areas of heavy customer or patient traffic because they feature an attractive satin finish. They provide a tough, yet light and attractive look for corner protection. They are ideal for medium to high-impact areas. Aluminum corner guards are also easily painted to match the color of your wall.

For optimal corner protection in various settings such as hotels/motels, offices, commercial kitchens, shower areas, and public facilities, it’s advisable to utilize Clear and Colored Corner Guards. Demand for Corner Guards Grows As Remodeling Budgets Tighten. These guards provide exceptional impact resistance at a budget-friendly price point. Installation is effortless, offering multiple options including nails, screws, construction adhesive, or a convenient peel and stick application. Maintenance is hassle-free with standard cleaning fluids. Additionally, Colored Corner Guards offer a permanent color solution.

In areas prone to significant corner damage, consider opting for Corner Guards with Aluminum Retainers. These guards feature a textured design and incorporate a concealed aluminum retainer for enhanced durability. Engineered to absorb impact and disperse force, the rigid PVC trim maintains its attractiveness by springing back into shape. Installation is versatile, allowing mounting over existing wall surfaces, from ceiling to floor or in high-risk areas.

Paintable Corner Guards are made from a specially prepared paintable material. ASTM tested for paint and adhesion and realistically textured to match most drywall finishes. Complete with self-stick tape for easy installation, can be painted to match any color wall. Suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Stainless steel corner guards meet most safety standards and are unmatched in appearance. Armor-plated, they protect against severe blows.