Cove Molding Profiles

Cove Molding ProfilesCove moldings are used to complete the area where the wall and ceiling meet. They have a concave profile, and therefore are often used as corner guards or to hide joints in the interior of a house. Cove molding can also be used at the transition of a shelf.
Cove molding profiles are measured by the width, and then by the length of the profile. They are mostly made from soft wood, others from vinyl and even others made from plaster like the paper faced plaster or that of Paris. The paper faced plaster is the most preferred when making choices for domestic or household use. Lately, some of the molding profiles are made of expanded polystyrene that has a cement-based protective coating. This type of molding is however not the best for use because several environmental and health concerns have been raised as was the result of an investigation by Doroudiani. Some of the environmental concerns include the fact that disposed expanded polystyrene is that it is not biodegradable when disposed and could actually take years to degrade. It is also harmful to the marine life and could in some cases ends up in the food chain, causing complication in the health of the animals or even human beings. Cove molding profiles are measured using the length and width of the molding profile. They also vary in weight and the cost is also different depending on the material used to make them.

It is very simple to install the cove molding but one has to apply paint on the cove molding before installing. When attaching one has to use a drill and then plaster to make sure the nails used are cover and then lastly paint over the plaster.

Cove molding profiles come in different shapes but the most common as earlier mentioned is concave. It is a quarter shaped molding. The others include the Egg and Dart which is a classical molding with the shape of an egg and has V-shapes alternating. This was in the past mainly used in Jewish temples. There is also the Dentil which are small blocks spaced equally along the edge of the wall. The rope is another example profile. The rope or case molding is twisted like a rope and is in most cases used to have a decorative effect on the place where it is installed. The rope as mostly used in England, Spain as well as France. Other examples include the Roman Vine, Floral, and Victorian Gothic just to mention a few. One can choose a profile that suits their existing interior d