Corner Wall Protectors

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Corner Wall Protectors

Corner wall protectors are a proactive way to protect walls and save money. Corner wall protectors are designed to prevent damage to the corners of walls in the home, office, or other work space where they would be prone to frequent contact that would stain or more seriously damage the wall surface. For example the corners in a daycare center, doctor’s office, the doorway leading from a breakroom, or the corners in a receiving area.

These protectors come in a variety of colors to match your decor.

Clear protectors can also be painted to match the existing color of the wall. However clear protectors also give the option of allowing existing specialty wall treatments such as wall paper, or faux finishes to be seen through the protection.

In addition to protecting the wall surface from dirt and damage, corner wall protectors can be used as an accent to the space they are placed in. Using a color that contrasts with the wall or matches accenting colors in the space can create an interesting wall treatment while also protecting the corner from damage.

The corner wall protectors come in a selection of widths and thicknesses to fit the needs of the customer. Bullnose profiles are only available in 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ widths and the wide angle option, 135 degrees, is only available in the 2-1/2″ width. Protectors can be ordered in standard 4 foot and 8 foot lengths or in custom lengths by calling. The protectors are created from p.v.c. which allows for easy cleanup and provides a permanent color.

Installation of corner wall protectors is versatile and easy. Installation can be done using screws, nails, construction adhesive, or the peel and stick option. The corner wall protectors can be pre-drilled for use with the following screws #6 x 1” phillips Oval Head, Hi-Lo thread, type AB Nickel Plated. The holes will be located approximately 2″ from each end and center offset. When nailing the wall protectors in place, a 3/4″ chrome plated 1-1/4″ nail is recommended. If an adhesive is used to secure the corner wall protector in place, the best choice is the plastic corner guard adhesive. The peel and stick option for installing corner wall protectors should be installed on a clean, smooth surface and is not recommended for vinyl surfaces.