Corner Protectors

Corner ProtectorsCorner protectors are great ways of providing durable, attractive coverage for wall corners and edges of support pillars, particularly those found in high traffic areas in office buildings or schools, or in busy homes with lots of children. Corner protectors can also be a way to provide a decorative cover-up for walls that have already sustained some light surface damage on the corners.

They typically feature a pre-made 90 degree angle and come in side wing widths of 1′ to 4′, depending on how far back on the wall the coverage needs to go. A standard length for the protectors ranges from 24′ to 48′, but they can come in lengths up to 8 feet. Special orders can be made for non-standard lengths, and they can also be custom cut on site to fit the wall precisely. Corner protectors are typically thin, so they will not stick out into the hallway and snag on the clothes of people walking by.

They come in a number of materials including chrome, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and vinyl. Corner protectors are easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to clean. Metal corner protectors are also resistant to UV cracking and fading, so they are ideal for entryways and other areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Some types of metal, especially copper, can be lacquered to provide some additional protection to the metal. Plastic and vinyl corner protectors have an advantage in that they can be painted to match any existing d