Corner Molding

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Corner Molding

Corner MoldingOutside corner molding helps in adding grace and elegance to any room, irrespective of their size and color of the room. An outer corner molding help in preventing the length of the walls to look rough at uneven at the ceiling. They outside corner molding come in various shapes, size and designs and colors that it adds a beautiful appeal to the overall room and also adds a balance to the interior decor of your bedroom, living room, hall, study room and even the kitchen!

So, if you really want to install an outside corner molding in your bedroom you can ask your carpenter to come over and fix it or you can do the whole process of installing on your own. All you need to is get some tools ready and adhere to the following points in order to get the outside corner molding in position.

Tips On How To Install Outside Corner Molding

1. First understand which type of corner mold you are looking at using on your bedroom wall. You can use wood molding, however, they are quite expensive to install. Therefore choosing wood molding made from MDF or a combination of resins and wood and is pre-primed. Moreover, if you are planning to wood made from MDF, then ensure you do not install it in places where there is high amount of moisture as it may warp the wood.

2. Using a coping saw cut the corners of the corner molding, so that it can sit at an angle in between the ceiling and the wall. You can also use a miter saw (not a plastic one) to do this job of cutting the outer corner molding smoothly.

3. Now using a measuring tape, measure the top area of length for the molding and also make a mark of the width of the outside corner molding onto the wall so that you can easily position it while installing.

4. Once the measurement is ready, mark it onto the molding and then get it ready to cut the molding according to the measurement. Using a saw, cut the molding in a 90 degree angle so that the ends of the outer corner molding meet each other.

5. Before sawing the next molding in a 45 degree angle, for it to be able to fit the inside of the corner with the help of miter saw, check whether the edges of the molding are pressing perfectly into each other or not, by holding them against the saw table and the vertical fence, this position gives you an idea about how to install the molding. The part touching the vertical fence is the bottom portion that will line against the wall and the part that is facing the table is the top part which will line against the ceiling.

6. Now take the two outer corner moldings and check whether they have a perfect fit or not.

7. Start attaching the molding onto the corner of the walls according to the description in point no. 5 as to which portion will go where. Now all you have to do is nail the moldings against the wall and the sealing for a tight, seamless fit. You can also use a caulk gun to cover up or protect any gaps in the moldings while installing. Once they are help in position your work is done.

Installing an outside corner molding will only help in adding more space to the height of your bedroom and since they are so easy to install on your own, get rid of your carpenter and let your hands get busy sawing, cutting, shaping and drilling!