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Corner Guard
corner guard
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From rough play to furniture accidentally scraping the walls, the corners of any home can become easily damaged. The scratches and scuff marks that cover the walls in homes, hospitals, and offices can be ended; with corner guards that are easy to install and come in a variety of colors. Corner guards are ideal for areas of everyday bumping and wall contact. The corner guards are affordable and with size variations, easy installation, and flexible moment are superlative for protecting bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and basement walls.

The corner guard comes in many different types for different walls. For example, there are clear, plastic guards so that no work to blend in the product is necessary. Or, for better blending and easy use there is an option to paint certain cover guards for protection that still looks invisible. For the more heavy duty needs and more protection there is even stainless steel guards. These are great for kitchens and other areas where there may be huge blows to the wall corners. Another great type of corner guard is the rubber or vinyl. These types are better for garages and work spaces because they are thicker and provide better protection for heavy duty wear and tear.

There are options to drill nails into the walls for strong uphold and permanent protection. This tactic is ideal for areas of the home or environment where mighty blows would be served to the wall corners. Another solution is adhesive strips. Simply peel and stick the corner guard onto the corner or surface that needs to be protected and stick it on. It is easy and simple enough to place a guard on any area that needs to be saved.

The sizes of corner guards can vary from a couple feet long to eight feet long.

The size variations are a huge advantage because just like walls come in different colors, they also come in different heights. With many options to choose from in sizes, finding the right type of corner guard and the right size is easy.

Whether in a hotel, office, home, or even a hospital scratches and wall damages are inevitable. To protect the walls from heavy duty marks or gentle dents, simply place the cover guard onto the corner. They come in different types for heavy duty or slight protection and varying colors for stylish matchings and blending, all while covering the walls. Also, the simple installation makes it easy for anyone to use and can be installed with nails for a better protection.The corner guard is affordable and necessary for protecting walls from damage and scuffs.