Clear Plastic Corner Guards

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Clear Plastic Corner Guards
clear plastic corner guards
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Those who have beautiful looking facilities, do so because of the precautions they take to keep it looking that way. Caring for their facility is very important to them. If you pay attention to great look facilities, you will notice that they always have admirable looking walls. Besides washing their walls, there are other things that they do to keep their walls looking splendid.

The corners of walls usually need more attention than the rest of the wall. Without protection, corners of walls will become chipped and damaged as people round the corners day after day. When people are carrying items, it is a normal occurrence for them to bump and ding the corners of walls. Nobody can stop that from happening, but the prevention of any damage happening when collisions occur can easily be prevented. Many people have chosen this to protect their walls. They are rigid, yet flexible PVC.

Clear plastic corner guards can handle the hardest bumps as they have a very high impact resistance. They have been the choice of many types of businesses. It is very common to see these clear plastic corner guards in hotels/motels, offices, commercial kitchens, shower areas and public facilities. Their use is not limited to only these types of facilities. They can protect the corners of walls no matter what type of facility someone has.

Having nice-looking corner guards is important too. Those who are interested in matching their decor will be glad to know that clear plastic corner guards can be painted on the inside. having these options has made these corner guards one of the most popular. When it comes time to clean them, it is nice to know that the plastic is very easy to clean due to the smoothness of the corner guards.

Installation of the clear plastic corner guards is easy. You can install them using nails, screws, construction adhesive, or a peel and stick option. If so desired, the clear plastic corner guards come in custom lengths. Those who order them have found a permanent solution to ending wall corner damage.