Chair Railing

Chair Railing

Chair railing not only protect the surface of the walls but also makes the interior décor of the house more appealing to the eye and therefore it is imperative to be keen enough to choose both the color and the design which won’t make your house to be horrible. Although most people use it for interior design, it still serves its primary goal of protecting the wall especially if the wall is made of fragile plaster walls. Let’s have a look at some of the chair railing in the diagrams below. Which impression does it give you?

Installing a chair rail is one of the easiest task for people who are dedicated to make their house look far much beyond any other ordinary house. However, this will only depend on the type of house and the nature of the rail to be installed. For instance, it will be easier to install it in the house represented in figure (a) than (b) and (c).

Assuming you have all the necessary materials to make a beautiful chair rail, it is important to find mechanisms through which you can install the chair rails with a lot of ease.

The first step when you want to install chair rails is to take the exact measurements of the exact places you would wish to install the rails. For a house where chairs to be used are already known, it is wise to measure the height of the chair or if you can slide the chair near the wall then it could also give an accurate height. However, for the case where the chair to be used are not yet defined, the best rule of thumb is to measure the height from the ceiling board to the floor and divide by three.

Install your chair rails at a distance which is about 1/3 from the floor. But since the floor might not be straight, using spirit level is always the best option as it will ensure that you obtain horizontal chair rails.

It is advisable to start from the furthest end; most preferably from the door while moving to the other parts of the wall. This is mostly to avoid unnecessary joints on the wall which could otherwise make it look ugly. Besides these, drive the nails into the rail but be sure to use nails which will neither cause the rail nor the wall to crack.

Painting chair railings is also very important. For instance, the color of the rails and the wall in the three figures above still look great making the house to more presentable.

Having the right rails, determining the height of the rails from the floor surface and finding better ways to drive the nails into the wall are key to a better chair rails installation.