Cast Aluminum Nosing

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Cast Aluminum Nosing

Cast Aluminum NosingCast aluminum stair nosing is not meant to be trendy. If you are surfing the Internet or browsing through a construction catalog for attractive pictures, you should turn to the mainstream fashion magazines like Elle or Vogue for such a thing. This product is constructional must have and it actually works. When doing a keyword search on cast aluminum stair nosing, a person can find these features:


Utmost Resilience in Arduous Utilization
Inside or Outside Utilization
New Building or Restoration
Resistance to Infrequently Caustic Settings
Anti-Fall Protection Assets
Infrequent Area Specifications

Its extreme resilience allows it to endure intense foot travel. This product is one of the most cost-effective nosings utilized to offer skid opposition. Several different companies throughout the United States have manufactured cast aluminum stair nosing the exact same purposes stated above. Koffler Sales does not seem to sell cast aluminum stair nosing.

The Companies Involved

Minnesota-based Babcock Davis stands out as one of these companies. The company manufactures cast nosings designed for areas experiencing high foot traffic, such as schools, communal buildings, subways, and shopping centers. Babcock Davis guarantees that its nosings, available in various designs, are non-caustic, properly fitted, and capable of withstanding the building’s lifespan. The extruded aluminum nosing on its Type 6063 T5 model accommodates all stair purposes, including concrete dispense, steel pan, wood, inclined climbers, ramps, and walkways.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s All American Grating offers cast aluminum nosing for two primary stair types: Poured Concrete and Steel Pan. These nosings must have a length ranging from six inches to eight feet, a thickness of at least 5/16 of an inch, and a width of up to six feet. The criteria are evident on some of the nosings in the company’s Type 101 or 102. All American Grating’s nosings may exhibit a separation line on the nose exterior.

Plan in Action

When incorporating cast aluminum nosing into a construction project, extensive preemptive planning is essential. In taking proactive measures, Gainsville Tank BPS, a Maryland-based company, proposed the use of abrasive cast aluminum safety stair nosing on various types of stairs. Moreover, they recommended applying nosing on concrete or concrete-packed steel pan stairs and the top stair of metal stairs fixed to concrete. The suggested nosing width was three inches, expanding the stairway’s complete width while excluding three inches on both sides. Furthermore, Gainsville Tank BPS selected three nosing models from different companies: Style 231-A from Amstep Products, Alumogrity Type 101 from Wooster Products, Inc., and Type AX from Safe-T-Metal Company.

The cast nosing stands out as a builder’s best friend, hailed by construction experts as an architectural marvel. Additionally, mainstream building supply companies vigorously promote and sell them. As a result, building renovation projects are turning to multiple companies to procure these nosings. If you’re a building owner considering renovation, give this product a try; it will prove to be your best long-term investment.