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Carpet Film Protector 2

Carpet Film ProtectorCarpet film protector is a self-adhering film that provides protection to synthetic carpets. It is great during renovations, moving, and painting of your home or office space, building, remodeling and all sorts of worksite conditions. You may also think about applying the protector during parties or events that will host a large gathering in your home. It will save you a lot of labor and time for cleaning your carpet. It is water resistant and not easily worn out. The film protector provides protection to the carpets up to thirty days.

The film protector is easy applicable as it rolls back as you press the edge onto the area you intend to cover. As you continue to unroll the film firmly apply pressure as you smoothen the surface. Make sure the area is smooth and get rid of any rough objects such as pebbles and sticks. The area should be smooth for protector to work effectively. When you are done, cut the carpet film protector carefully, not to cut through and damage the carpet underneath.

It is important to note that the product is only applied to areas that are dry and clean. Covering moisture under the film is not advisable. This will cause damage to your carpet as the carpet film protector does not allow moisture to escape. It is waterproof. The film may be reused once again after you have finished your project. It does not get damaged fast and all you have to do is clean it up and move it to the next site. This means that one carpet protector film can be used in different rooms.