Cardboard Corner Protectors

Cardboard Corner ProtectorsCardboard corner protectors: What are they? As the title suggests, cardboard corner protectors are corners made from cardboard which we use to secure our cargo, especially in order to protect frames and paintings in transit or storage. Cardboard corner protectors provide a reliable protection for your products from transport damage and offer stability during loading and transportation. They prevent the damage that can possibly occur to corners and edges, especially from the collapse of boxes under weight. In the market you can find a great variety of such protectors in many sizes (product length can range from 50mm to 6000mm and can be manufactured for your specific needs with custom orders), even a wholesale lot of materials such as plastic, steel or cardboard. The last of those materials, namely cardboard, is the most preferable because it’s very light, economic and also eco-friendly, since nowadays many consumers are very much aware (an they should) of the need for products which can be re-used or recycled.

Fast and easy to use, cardboard corner protectors will ensure that products won’t be damaged by tightened strap. Although it’s very easy to buy them, you can also try to make your own. It’s more a creative game than a tribulation. So let’s see how to make our own cardboard corner protectors so that you resolve effectively various common strapping problems. The first thing you need to do is to gather the materials, starting with some cardboard or card stock, which is what the corners will be made of. You will also need to buy some glue in order to hold your cardboard corner protectors together. Take note, you will need to find the strongest glue, as you want the corner protectors to last. Finally, you will need a ruler or tape measure for measuring the pieces of cardboard so that your corner protectors will fit on the corner of your painting or frame. In order to accomplish a tight fit, you need to measure the width of the frame or painting, for a loose corner protector is ultimately useless.

Now you are ready to make your own cardboard corner protectors. To begin with, cut eight triangles from the cardboard, making sure that all sides of the triangles are of equal length. After that, cut eight rectangular pieces of cardboard, that are three inches wide and as long as the width of the picture frame that you measured earlier. The next step is to take one of the rectangular pieces, place it on the left side of the triangle and glue them together. When the glue dries out, take another triangle, place it on the top of the two that you already glued and glue them together. Repeat the same procedure over and over until you glue all the remaining triangular and rectangular pieces that you have and your corner protectors are ready to fit on your frame or painting. Make sure that they won’t slide off easily and they will form a protective shell around your frame.

It wasn’t too hard after all. Good luck!