Building Corner Guards

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Building Corner Guards

Building Corner GuardsUsers employ a corner guard as a material to cover the corner of a wall or an object. While most protectors are designed for interior use, building corner guards specifically target exterior applications. The market offers various types of corner guards, crafted from rubber, plastic, or metal (with stainless steel being the most common option), and the last two materials find widespread use in building corner guards.

Typically, a building corner guard, as the name implies, is a solid metallic piece forming a 90-degree angle to fit precisely at the corner of a wall. Building corner guards serve two primary purposes. Firstly, they enhance the visibility of the wall corner, acting as a warning sign for drivers, riders, or pedestrians to avoid collisions. Thus, building corner guards acts as a preventive measure to reduce the occurrence of accidents. In the event of an accident, the corner guard is designed to minimize the force of impact, serving as a protective shield. This way, not only prevents serious injuries but also protects the wall from potential damage.

People consider rubber corner guards the best on the market because of their maximum impact absorption capabilities.

Depending on the installation location, you can choose between two sizes: a smaller one with inside measurements of 4 x 8 inches and a larger one with measurements of 6 x 10 inches. Regarding height coverage, the two sets are available in either 21″ or 42″. Despite expectations,  corner guards are not available in various colors, as their role is solely protective. They are either entirely yellow or striped with alternating black and yellow lines for maximum visibility.

In heavy traffic areas, especially those with children,  corner guards are an excellent choice, offering protection for both individuals and property. Prices range from as low as $3 to $15, depending on size and material durability. Considering the benefits they provide, building corner guards prove to be worth every penny.