Building Corner Guards

Building Corner GuardsA corner guard is a piece of material that it used to cover the corner of a wall or an object. While most of those protectors are designed for interior use, building corner guards are specifically designed for exterior use. There are various types of corner guards on the market made either from rubber, from plastic, or metal (stainless steel being the most common option) with the last two materials being the most widely used with regards to building corner guards.

Typically, a building corner guard, as the name implies, is a solid metallic piece that forms 900 angle so that it can fit exactly the corner of a wall. Building corner guards are intended to do two things. The first is to make the wall corner even more noticeable to the naked eye so that a driver in his vehicle, arider on his motorcycle or his bike, as well as any careless passerby sees the corner guard and avoids bumping into it. So the first advantage of building corner guards is that they can act as a warning sign, a preventive measure that can reduce the number of accidents that could take place. In the event, however, that an accident does occur, the corner guard is supposed to reduce the force of impact between the object (whether that is a person or a vehicle), thus acting as a protective shield. In this case, building corner guards both can both prevent a serious injury and it can also protect the wall by preventing the damage that would be made to the building had it not been for the corner protector.

The best corner guards on the market are rubber ones because they have maximum impact absorption. Depending on where you want to install them you can usually choose between two sizes: a smaller one that has inside measurements of 4 x 8 inches and a larger one that with measurements of 6 x 10 inches; as for the area the cover in height, the two sets are made either 21″ tall or 42″. You would probably expect building corner guards to be available in many colors, but this is not the case, however. Building corner guards are not there to some serve some kind of aesthetic purpose; the role is solely protective. That is why such protectors are either yellow in color from top to bottom, or striped with black and yellow alternating lines, the reason being that yellow promotes maximum visibility.

All in all building corner guards are an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas, especially when there are kids around (after all everybody knows that children are careless and clumsy all the time), since the corner guards will both protect them and your property. Their price ranges from as low as 3 dollars and up to 15 depending on the size and the durability of he material, but if you take into consideration the benefits that corner guards offer you, you will realize that they are worth every penny.