Base Molding

Base MoldingBase molding is essential when one wishes to cover the gap which may have remained during construction between the wall and the floor. Other than this, it makes it easier to do more construction between the floor and the wall in the future making the work easier. Generally, it acts as a protective cover between the walls and the floor. It protects the wall against any movement of objects near the joint between the wall and the joint such as furniture. It should be installed periodically to ensure that the joint between the wall and the joint remains intact at any given time as this will ensure that all gaps remained sealed so as not to damage either the edge of the floor or the wall.

Base molding can be made differently depending on the type of house in which it is to be installed in. For instance, chair rail; which is one of the most commonly used type of base molding is mostly used in very many residential and commercial houses. Strips of plastic or wood are commonly used to make these kinds of moldings. For commercial purposes, base moldings made from plastic materials are normally durable since they do not absorb either moisture or water which can make them either to expand or to contract making them to wear out faster. One can also opt to decorate his or hers to suite her business of house of resident’s needs.

How are base moldings installed?
It is a very simple procedure. First, it is essential to determine the size and the shape of the base molding you’d wish to fix. Measure the length of the wall where it should be installed. If the length of the wall is longer than the exact length of wood or plastic material available, joining the two should be done but in a manner which will still make it to look pretty smart. You can either paint or decorate it in your own way to suit your primary or secondary needs. However, if you’d wish to replace the old ones, then you have to remove them a lot of care as you prepare the site by making it clean.
How are base molding removed?

Removing then is just as simple as installing them. The amount of work or time used to remove any form of base molding will depend on the type of materials used during its installation. For instance, if it was made of wood, then one will be at liberty to use a chisel to pull them away from the wall. Caution should be taken so as not to destroy the wall or the floor. If it was made of concrete, then a lot of work must be done to completely remove the base molding. Remember some can be temporary while others can also be permanent.

It is worth noting that molding is not only done at the base of the house where the walls join the floor, but also where the walls joins the ceiling. This normally makes the house to be more beautiful.