Anti Slip Tape Stairs

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Anti Slip Tape Stairs

Anti Slip Tape StairsSafety in every structure is very important. This is why it is vital that each of the structures that are built is built with safety precautions that are standard for everyone. However, sometimes there is the need to improvise still. This is why more and more establishments are being careful and applying their anti slip tape stairs. Anti slip tape stairs are basically stairs that are made out of material that will make sure that the treads are not slippery – no matter the circumstance. This just means no matter how much wear and tear these anti slip tape stairs experience, they still wouldn’t be slippery. No matter how much stress these anti slip tape stairs go through, they still wouldn’t be slippery. Therefore, it is important that the ones that are bought are the ones that are reliable.

Anti slip tape are easy to apply.

When installing these anti-slip tape stairs, remember just four basic steps. First, ensure the treads where they’ll be attached are dry, as the dryness significantly affects how well the anti-slip tapes stick. Next, once the steps are dry, ensure they’re clean, as dirt and grime can compromise the tape’s adhesion. Before installing, thoroughly clean the area to ensure optimal adhesion.

Smoothness is the third crucial factor contributing to the tape’s effectiveness. If the treads aren’t smooth, the adhesives may not work properly. Ensure the treads are sufficiently smooth to accommodate the entire tape.

After confirming the treads are smooth, dry, and clean, the next step is to check the temperature. Remember, the temperature of the treads is vital, as the adhesives used in these anti-slip tape stairs are temperature-sensitive. The minimum temperature requirement is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius. Failure to meet this temperature requirement may result in compromised adhesive performance.

The third step in installing these anti-slip tape stairs is to remove the liner from the adhesive side of the tapes. Remember, this side is pressure-sensitive, so exercise caution when removing the liner. Additionally, ensure the adhesive isn’t exposed to dirt, oils, or grime, as this can contaminate the adhesive and affect its effectiveness.

Finally, the tapes can now be placed on the treads.

Make sure that the tape is firmly pressed to the treads. Make sure that the entire tape is rolled firmly on the treads so that the adhesive will be exposed to the entire area  as well.