Anti Slip Tape For Steps

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Anti Slip Tape For Steps
anti slip tape for steps
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Had the idea of providing anti slip tape for steps been available a decade ago, the odds are pretty good that there would have been less accidents and medical costs for those who depend on steps for movement to work, home, retail outlets and recreation. That said can you imagine the safety aspect of having this marvelous invention placed in the bathtubs and steps of resident homes and facilities that care for the elderly? The company or person(s) who invented anti slip tape for steps should be awarded a medal; or at the very least, the keys to the city.

Those who have often slipped and lost their balance on wet steps in a parking garage or office building know they could have been moments away from being introduced to a local hospital bed. However some semblance of common sense has arrived and opened the eyes to many business operations who have steps that the use of anti slip tape for steps is a lot more cost effective than spending time with an attorney inside a courtroom; Think liability.

There are pages full of uses for anti slip tape for steps and the application therein. However you just don’t grab a roll and start applying it to your steps. There is a proper way to apply the non-skid tape and it all begins with knowing what the word “preparation” means. There are several critical areas to remember when applying anti slip tape for steps. These four are important:

** A clean, smooth, and dry surface

** Correct temperature to bond the pressure-sensitive tape. 40 degree F works

** Keep “touching” with your hands at a minimum before bonding

** Make sure all surface areas are completely bonded by pressing or rolling firmly

Another thing you need to remember about anti slip tape for steps is that it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use, it comes in 10 different colors, it’s safe for heels and bare feet, and when applied properly it is not easily removed. The adhesive is strong and durable which is why it works like a charm on steps that take a beating on a daily basis. But when it’s time to replace the old tape with the new, use a putty knife to pry and lift, and pliers to grasp and remove. And don’t forget the application process when you reapply the new anti skid tape.