Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Skid Adhesives

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Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Skid Adhesives

Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Skid Adhesives
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Anti-slip tape comes in all different colors which you can use for marking a specific area. This certain tape can adhere to most clean, dry surface. The tape has a semi-matte surface. It is best used on doors, walls and pipes and other equipment.

It can be used for safety for those slippery areas in and around the home. The bathtub is a great example. You can place vinyl anti-slip tape in the bottom of your bathtub so that you or your little ones do not slip and fall. It is resistant to the water that it will come in contact with.

High visibility, or hazard warning anti-slip tape is great for the areas that may become wet and you want people to be cautious of the area, yet provide a non-slip area. It will bring a high attention to the hazardous area. These tapes offer superior durability and also contain a chemical resistance.


A cushion safety mat anti-slip pad is excellent for use in dry or wet areas. It will reduce the worker fatigue while resisting grease, oil and chemicals.

You will also come across the anti-slip abrasive tape. It is a non-skid abrasive film that is backed with a sensitive adhesive so that you will be able to use the tape in any area where slipping is a hazard. Easily adhered to any smooth surface. It also has impeccable effects against grease, oil, water and most acids.

The reflective tape comes in a variety of colors. They will suit your need to apply to any surface. It can reflect light up close or far range distances. They are also available for daytime and night time use.

There are an array of different tapes to be used for whatever your need is.