Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue MatsAnti-fatigue mats are some of the mostly ignored types of mats but play a very important role in both industrial and home based applications where people are expected to stand for longer periods of time. These may include classrooms, kitchen or where machine operations are taking place. Factors to be considered while choosing anti-fatigue mats are not very much different from the other types of mats. While shopping for these types of mats in any home improvement store, some of the most important factors to consider is the cost of the mat, the ease of cleaning the mat and of course where it can make your office or house look wonderful. Anti-fatigue mats come in a wide range of colors and sizes which can easily suit different occasions and a wide range of rooms.

What is the trick behind anti-fatigue mats and why are they preferred in places where people queue or stand for longer period of time?

Fatigue is directly related to how blood flows in one’s body. When there is insufficient amount of blood flowing in the legs, then most likely the cells found in these regions will be deprived of oxygen and thus the muscles will tend to signal fatigue sings to the other parts of the body. In sufficient circulation of blood on the other hand is due to the pressure points which are normally developed on the foot when one steps on a hard surface for longer periods of time.
What anti-fatigue mats do is to provide some cushioning effect on the lower surface of the feet and thereby reducing the possibility of pressure build up which could otherwise reduce the rate of blood flow to the feet region. This cushioning effect also help to reduce impact experienced while some one is walking on the mat and thereby reducing the fatigue which could be experienced due to the impact.

Installing anti-fatigue mats is not all about prestige as much as they can make both the interior and the exterior look wonderful. They help to reduce some illness and complications such as back and pains at the joint and swelling at the feet which can result to varicose veins.

To achieve all these, selecting the anti-fatigue mats made of good materials should always be the first priority as it is the material which will provide the cushioning effect or absorb impact. They are made from a number of materials such as rubber, vinyl or foam. The material should be grease proof when the mat is to be used in a greasy environment or have the ability to with stand high traffic if by any chance it is to be used in the path ways besides being easy to clean.

Installing anti fatigue mats is also very simple. The surface where the mat is to be placed should be dry and clean. If possible, it should be stuck near the four corners for the case of rectangular or square anti-fatigue mats to ensure that it does not move on the floor as this will make it to wear out faster besides making its users to have higher chances of skidding.