Aluminum Corner Protectors

Aluminum Corner ProtectorsCorner protectors or Corner guards, protect corners in a building from damage and keep the corners looking good and new. Aluminum corner protectors are one type of corner protectors. They are made of about 0.08 inches thick aluminum and also come in different angles ranging all the way from 90 degrees and even 130 degree. This means that they protect the corners fully from any damage whatsoever and they also fit perfectly to the corner on which they are installed.

The aluminum corner protectors are very good because the material used to make them, aluminum, is very bright and shiny and does not only protect but also adds a good look and decor to the room. This is besides the fact that the aluminum is very tough. In a case where the building is used for industrial purposes, the aluminum corner protectors also come in handy since aluminums strong and not easily damaged. It is advisable to use the aluminum corner protector to ensure that the walls of the building remain in place and look great since it is very likely that the employee and the baggage bump into each other.

The protectors are in addition easy to attach requiring just some adhesive. Remove the back and the compress it to the corner and then using a mallet, let the adhesive stick onto the wall.

Aluminum corner protectors are available in different sizes. This means that a person can get one that covers just a small portion of the wall or the whole corner from top to bottom.

An example of an aluminum corner guard is the SLT. This type of protector is made of large amount of aluminum and is finished with satin. They are used for industrial as well as residential purposes. These protectors are installed in hospitals, hotels and parking garages just to mention a few places where they can be installed. The SLT Aluminum Corner Guards are either mounted horizontally or vertically on the corner of a wall to prevent any kind of damage. There are also mount corner guards that are made of an aluminum retainer and a vinyl cover and installing the protector is easy. One only needs to fasten the retainer onto the wall and then snap on the vinyl cover. This means that the cover is replaceable. Absorbs shock when the corner of the wall is hit as a result of the combination of the vinyl cover and the aluminum retainer.

Pre-Anodized Aluminum Corner Protector are mainly used to guard corners that are in the outdoors, but for the indoors it depends on one