Aluminum Corner Protectors

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Aluminum Corner Protectors

Aluminum Corner Protectors
Corner protectors or corner guards play a crucial role in safeguarding corners in a building, preventing damage and maintaining a fresh appearance. One specific type of corner protectors is the aluminum corner protectors. Crafted from approximately 0.08 inches thick aluminum, they are available in various angles, ranging from 90 to 130 degrees, ensuring comprehensive protection and a perfect fit for the installed corner.

The aluminum corner protectors stand out not only for their effectiveness in shielding corners but also for their aesthetic contribution. The bright and shiny aluminum material not only protects but also enhances the room’s decor. Moreover, aluminum’s toughness is advantageous, particularly in buildings used for industrial purposes where durability is crucial. Using aluminum corner protectors is advisable to ensure that the walls of the building remain intact and visually appealing, considering the likelihood of employees and baggage encountering corners.
The protectors are in addition easy to attach requiring just some adhesive. Remove the back and the compress it to the corner and then using a mallet, let the adhesive stick onto the wall.

Aluminum corner protectors are available in different sizes.

This means that a person can get one that covers just a small portion of the wall or the whole corner from top to bottom.

An example of an aluminum corner guard is the SLT, consisting of a significant amount of aluminum and finished with satin. People use these protectors for both industrial and residential purposes, finding applications in places like hospitals, hotels, and parking garages. Installers mount SLT Aluminum Corner Guards either horizontally or vertically on wall corners to prevent damage. Additionally, there are mount corner guards featuring an aluminum retainer and a vinyl cover, making installation easy. One simply needs to fasten the retainer onto the wall and snap on the vinyl cover, allowing for easy replacement. The vinyl cover, in combination with the aluminum retainer, absorbs shock when the corner of the wall is hit.

Pre-Anodized Aluminum Corner Protectors serve as a primary choice for outdoor corner protection, while their indoor use depends on specific requirements.