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indoor stair teadsThere are many different kinds of indoor stair treads. These are the steps of the stairs that are present in the interior of the home.  They are made out of many different materials. The most common indoor stair treads are made out of carpet and wood. But there are also a lot of other building materials that are used in making these indoor stair treads.

The most common choices of indoor stair treads are carpet and wood. However, there is still a dilemma about which of the two should be used. Take a look at the entire house. From here, one can decide whether to get carpet or wood. To save money, most people opt to go for carpet indoor stair treads. Compared to the wood ones, these are indeed the ones that are cheaper and easier to install. If there is a limit on the budget and the time of installation, then carpet indoor stair treads are the way to go. The typical L shaped stairways can be installed new carpet indoor stair treads in just as little as 90 minutes. Therefore, carpet is indeed the way to go when the factors to consider are time and money. On the other hand, when the choice of indoor stair treads is wood, it will take a little over 5 days. They are known to be more sensitive as well. If the wood is stored in a different humidity with the stairs where it will be installed, then they are most likely to contrast or expand. When this happens, the indoor stair treads will definitely not look good. Therefore, make sure to contact a professional to install the treads.

Stair treads are the edges of the steps of the stairs.

They are what people step on when they are walking up or down the stairs. Different stair tread lengths are ideal for indoor use. It normally depends on the style of the house and the preference of the people living in it. There are many different designs that one can go for when it comes to stair threads. Keep in mind that they do not necessarily have to be covered by carpets or other materials. It doesn’t have to be a plain plank of wood, either. Just add a little imagination and one can explore the many different looks that can be achieved in different stair treads.

When choosing the stair treads to go for, first gather images of different stair treads and narrow down the options. There are many magazines and online publications that show different stair treads that can be done in the home or in the workplace. It is important to choose a design that will be realistic enough for the home where it will be installed at and applied. Sometimes, the treads that are displayed in magazines may seem like they are realistic but might be impossible to do in the specific home. Therefore, always explore the options and consult with the designers.