8 X 30 Brass Kick Plates

8 X 30 Brass Kick PlatesThe most common and most endurable among all types of kick plates are the 8 x 30 brass kick plates. A kick plate is basically a piece of metal that people usually install on the lower end of their doors, so that they protect the screen from damage that can be caused by accidental kicking the door and , and from damage that is sometimes caused by our four-legged friends that have the annoying habit of scratching it.

The 8 x 30 brass kick plates are large enough so that they cover enough surface at the bottom of your door. It is a perfect choice both for your front door and your garage also, as well as the entrance of buildings like restaurants or workshops.

Besides being very practical, 8 x 30 brass kick plates can be very pleasing from an aesthetic point of view also. When brass is polished, its luster can be dazzling, thus adding a sense of class to your door specifically, and to your house in general. In fact some times, you can choose to install on your doors 8 x 30 brass kick plates along with matching door pull/push plates so that the effect is much more impressive.

So, you too want to prevent possible damages to your door and you want to make your place look beautiful. If that is the case, then you are probably wondering how much you are gonna have to pay in order to get yourself one of those fashionable kick plates. Hopefully not too much! Actually the cost for 8 x 30 brass kick plates might range from 20 dollars a piece up to 70, but in most cases 30 to 35 dollars should be enough to get you a kick plate that will do its job and also last for no less than five years.

It goes without saying, however, that 8 x 30 brass kick plates, although they are tough and endurable, they are unfortunately doomed to lose their brightness and tarnish at one point or another due to exposure to various weather conditions. Even if that is the case, though, there is no need to worry. Luckily for you, brass kick plates also offer the advantage that they can be easily restored. Instead of buying a new one and spending unnecessary money, commit yourself to one afternoon of hard work and spare yourself the expenses. Mix some dishwashing liquid with water and use it to clean the kick plate; rinse using cold water, and after that dip a rough brush into a vinegar, salt, and flour paste; then use the brush to polish the kick plates. When you are done, your 8 x 30 brass kick plate will look as good as new.

To summarize all of the above: 8 x 30 brass kick plates are practical since they effectively protect your door from scratches and dents; they are tough and endurable; they are pleasing to the eye, and they are also easy to restore. What more could you possibly ask?