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Mapei® Ultracare Stone™, Tile, and Grout Cleaner - #A4606

Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5 5.0 of 5 ( 2 reviews )
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Mapei® Ultracare Stone™, Tile, and Grout Cleaner Mapei https://kofflersales.comp/mapei-cleaners.asp?tab=reviewed?tab=reviewed
5.0 2
  • Choose from 8 different cleaners to remove tough dirt, grime, stain or other mess. Easy to use and has a fresh fragrances, designed to clean and restore hard surfaces to their natural beauty.

Worked on very old grout residue. Wow.

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5 / 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars
Ordered this after speaking with Mapei Customer Care. Our glass tiles had a lot of 'coating' remaining from Flexcolor CQ. Most likely our installer wasn't familiar enough with the product to wash it off as quickly as specified. Regardless, you see a coating from some angles and it has been driving me crazy.

While not a one step miracle, we have so far used this on a test area. Some spots came up in one step. Others have required reapplication. The key is to leave it on long enough to work, then really, scrubbing the stubborn spots, followed by very thorough rinsing. It is 90% improved from two applicatons. Next round we will use a stronger scrub and hope to get the entire kitchen done in the coming months.

HI Mstar,

Thank you for your review. We very much appreciate the extremely detailed feedback. Your information will for sure help other Koffler visitors in their research and attempts to find the right tile solution.

Thank you,

The Koffler Team
Saved the Day!

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5 / 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars
After a 1200 sf tile job was completed by a professional installer, we noticed a grout haze that looked like a shoreline on almost every tile.
No amount of effort seemed remove it so we called the makers of Mapei grout for answers. Apparently the washing phase must be done quickly and thoroughly or a urethane residue may be left behind. They recommended Mapei Ultracare Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaner. Though skeptical, we ordered it from you that day.

Though it's a multi-step process, this product is saving the day! So far,200 sf have been cleaned with the Mapei Ultracare Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaner and no more haze. Crisis averted.

Additional note: though my order initially arrived with the wrong quantity, the people at Koffler remedied the problem quickly and pleasantly. Resolving a problem efficiently always tends to make me a more loyal customer. Job well done. Thanks.
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