Plastic Handrails - Interior Information

Wally and Floora Say:

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Wally Says:

Hey Floora, did you know that plastic handrails aren't just a safety feature; they're a design opportunity for any stairwell, hallway, or access area. Our handrails are made from high-quality plastics, ensuring durability, ease of maintenance, and compliance with safety standards. When choosing the right handrails for your project, consider the following:

  • Design: With options ranging from sleek, modern styles to more classic, curved designs, you can match any interior aesthetic. Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, these handrails can either stand out as a feature or blend seamlessly into your decor.
  • Safety Features: All our handrails feature non-slip surfaces and are designed to withstand high traffic and harsh conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Buying Tip: Consider ADA-compliant handrails from our selection to ensure accessibility for all users while also enhancing the architectural elements of your space.

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Floora Says:

Thank you Wally, installing plastic handrails is straightforward, but doing it right can add to both the safety and the aesthetics of your environment. Here’s your quick guide:

  • Preparation: Measure the length of the area where the handrails will be installed. Don't forget to account for any corners or turns.
  • Cutting to Size: While plastic is easier to cut than metal, it's important to use the right tools such as a fine-tooth saw to ensure clean cuts. Smooth out any rough edges with sandpaper.
  • Color Coordination: Choose colors that complement your wall color or create a visual contrast for better visibility. Our handrails come in various shades, so you can opt for harmony or contrast based on your design preferences

Buying Tip: For a comprehensive approach to building safety and aesthetics, combine our plastic handrails with other essential components. Stair nosing can help to prevent slips and falls by providing a better grip on stair edges, while 3M safety-walk tape can be applied to various surfaces for added traction, ensuring a safer environment.