About Metal Stair Nosing

Metal Stair NosingA metal stair nosing is a safety provision that is installed on stairs and treads. As the name implies, metal stair nosing are stair nosing that are made out of metal. There are many different metals that are used in stair nosing. There are aluminum, stainless steel, and many others. The key job of these stair nosing is to ensure that the stairs and the treads will not be slippery even when they get wet. This is why these metal stair nosing are the finishing touch that is applied in the staircase of many homes and other structures.

Most builders define metal stair nosing as projecting edge that is a part of the treads of the stairs. They are known and required to extend beyond the riser as well as the projecting part of the support. Stair nosing is nonslip. They are abrasive, as well. The surface of the steel nosing is even with the tread of the stairs where it is placed.

Metal stair nosing is installed on top or at the edge of the stair treads. As many people know, there are many different materials that can be used in making stairs and treads. Some of these materials can be very slippery, especially when they are wet. These materials can be tiles, ceramics, wood, or even marble. Although is normal conditions these materials are not slippery, they can turn otherwise when there are certain particles and substances on them. These particles and substances include water, dirt, dust, and grime among others. This is why it is important that metal stair nosing is installed.

The metal stair nosing is required to be consisted of a surface that is anti-slip. This is why metal stair nosing has epoxied granules to the top. However, the gravity of size of the metal stair nosing will vary depending on the material used in the stair treads. For instance, when the tread is concrete the stair nosing should extend three inches from the sides of the tread. If the stair treads are made of welded bars, then installing stair nosing is not that important. However, when the stairs and their treads are made from steel pans (that are usually filled with concrete) the metal stair nosing should extend from one side to another.

Stair nosing is not just installed as a safety measure, though. The stair nosing can also be installed because they can make the staircase and the treads look really good as well. There are many different kinds and materials that can be used as stair nosing. From the most common metals, there are some stair nosings that are made out of wood and even fabric – braided fabric that is. These are the colorful carpet like stair nosing that are placed on the stair treads. Indeed, these stair nosing can improve the staircase and treads of every home or structure in many different ways. They are very effective in making sure that no one slips from slippery treads and stairs. It will also make sure that this safety measure will not compromise the beauty of the home – in fact, it will enhance it even more.

Metal Stair Nosing

metal stair nosing

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We’ve seen metal stair nosing practically every time we’ve been in a public place and have probably completely overlooked it. These practical devices make steps safer and sturdier so that your business services customers smarter and blend right in while making your business look brighter and fresher.

The most obvious, but no less important, reason to install metal stair nosing is to eliminate a slip factor on public staircases. The edging themselves are made to provide traction on what could be slippery surfaces, so that your customers are safe and happy. Another side benefit that comes with installing these edgings is that they cover and secure stairs that are growing older and have chips or breakage that could also pose a safety hazard. So whether these stairs are made of smooth material that may be easy to slip on, are in a place where they may be exposed to water, snow, or ice, or have grown worn, metal stair nosing is an excellent and easy fix. For darker areas, a glow-in-the-dark option is available to add an extra safety measure.

These nifty devices also keep brand new stairs from getting worn in the first place! Protect the stairs in your building from wear, and the possibility of becoming a hazard to customers, by putting metal stair nosing on them right after building or buying.

Metal stair nosing is locked into place with the stair nosings to provide extra structure for the staircase in your busy building. This means you don’t have to worry that this product will slip off and become a hazard of its own. This simple and smartly designed device does its job well!

There is no maintenance to be concerned about and clean up is a breeze. The heavy-duty aluminum cleans easily with a mop or broom and never needs more than maybe soap and a scrub brush, even for ugly messes. This is a product that will give you absolutely no worry, and will eliminate many of the ones you may already have.

Metal stair nosing, is without a doubt, a great investment for your building. It protects the investment you already made in your building and makes your customers happy and secure in your business or service. Do not overlook this easy and valuable addition to your building.

Metal Stair Nosing