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Roppe Smooth and Raised Rubber Flooring - #A2200

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Roppe Smooth and Raised Rubber Flooring Roppe https://kofflersales.comp/roppe-dimensions-and-raised-tile-designs.asp?tab=reviewed?tab=reviewed New
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  • Between providing underfoot comfort, reduced noise and slip resistant characteristics, Roppe Commercial Flooring are durable enough for any heavy traffic area.

Per the Building Official Excellant Choice

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5 / 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars
I recently purchased rubber tiles for an elevator floor. The specifications were that; 1. it had to be fire rated; 2. it could not weigh over a certain amount; and 3. had to a profile of no more than 1/16".

It took a while to get the tiles, partly my issue along with some help from another employee (it was misplaced), and some of the tiles were MIA.

Upon inspection of the elevator the building official, was thrilled with my choice and said that it was an "Excellent choice considering the use of the elevator". We are in the process of building another unit that will also have an elevator; which the flooring will come from Koffler Sales.

Denise was my sales person and she was absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable and understanding of my situation (the MIA) tiles. She was also the one that helped me pick the color, as the stair treads had to match the elevator flooring. The stairs transitioned from tile to a wood floor. I sent her pictures of both and she is the the came up with the color choice for me. It looks marvelous! Matches both and flows well (bonus was that the owner loved it too!)

Thank you for all your help. I am forever grateful. Sincerely,

L. A., Procurement Specialist
Hi Linda,

Thank you for the very thorough review. We very much appreciate the time you took to express how pleased you are with our product.

Also, thank you for the kind words about Denise, she is for sure a great roll model for providing excellence in customer service.

Thank you,

The Koffler Team
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