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Marble Foot Dry Anti-Fatigue Mat By Apache Mills - #A7796

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Marble Foot Dry Anti-Fatigue Mat By Apache Mills Apache Mills https://kofflersales.comp/marble-foot-dry-anti-fatigue-mat.asp?tab=reviewed?tab=reviewed
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  • The Marble Foot Mat is a durable anti-fatigue mat featuring a rubber surface bonded to 3/8" closed cell vinyl foam for uncompromised long-use comfort.

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Note to readers - this site does not accept negative reviews. Yesterday posted a review that stated my displeasure when I received a mat with a color that did not resemble the picture. Ordered the beige/birch and received a tan mat with gray tiger stripes. But wait.
I had ordered 3'x4' and received a 32" x 32", with a 3" trim all around so the actual cushion was 26" x 26". But wait.
Today as I returned home there were three more boxes of mats. The first mat was 12 lbs and these were 17 lbs so assuming they were a bit longer. Still since the first was 32" wide with 26" cushion it really doesn't matter. But receiving three of them?!
It's obvious their quality control is severely lacking or even non-existent. Their online purchasing is apparently not much better because I received 4 mats total and they are difference sized - when I ordered one. Will call for a refund.
Since these were custom made it's doubtful they will accept them back so I'm stuck with 4 very ugly mats of different sizes and only hope that Goodwill would accept them.
What a waste of money, patience and time.

Hi Dave,

We do post our negative reviews. However, there is a procedure we go through prior to posting that truly benefits our customers. One of the 4 steps is to try calling the customer and asking them what we can do to rectify the situation to their satisfaction as we all realize that no company is error free. Again, we have tried several times to reach you, please feel free to give us a call so we can help make things better for you.

Thank you,

The Koffler Team
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