Wood Stair Treads

Wood Stair TreadsThe number of individuals getting involved in stair case accidents is alarming. Therefore people have
sought to find measures in which this fact could be reduced to null. Several measures have been put in
place including erection of rails on the sides, efficient lighting on the stair ways and also addition of stair tread on the steps. Different materials are used to make this treads like rubber treads, carpet or rug
treads and wood treads. They all aim at creation of a stable floor which has enough grip suitable for
prevention of slipping and falling on the stairs which may be fatal or serious. Since a lot of houses,
business premises, schools and other institutions have so much encompassed the use of stairs in these
premises, addition of stair treads is necessary to avoid accidents due to slippery stair cases.
Wood stair treads have become common especially in homes and in schools. Wood is naturally rough in
texture thus its friction ability is also significant especially in creating the non resistant surface required in the creation of stair treads. Therefore wooden stair cases have become common as they so much
assist in the reduction of everyday accidents due to the stability that they create when one steps on the
stair cases as you move up or down.

Wood stair treads are mostly installed using nails. After the stair case size is measured. The wood is cut
carefully in a shape that will firmly fit on the step. The wood is then fixed on the stair using a nail and a
harmer hits the wood in place as the nail supports it. Strong and tough industrial glues have also been
used although they are not effective on wood as such, as they may detach and cause individuals to trip
leading to worse accidents.

Using wood stair treads is a cheap method of creating safe stairways for individuals to step on. Wood is
a readily available resource and most of the timber is usually sold in stores since it is also widely used for
construction of houses. Therefore using wood for building stair treads is always a cheaper method than
purchasing other materials like carpets.

Wood stair treads also prolong the lifespan of the stair cases as they cover them up and shield them
from the daily harshness that may lead to wear and tear. Wood may also hide unpleasant areas on stair
cases thus create a much newer and pleasant look on the stair cases.
Wood stair treads can be sculpted and made into different designs and painted into different colours.
This makes the stair treads attractive especially when the decorations and colours blend in with the
interior decoration of the house.

Wood stair treads are however to a disadvantage since wood is so much affected by moisture. In as
much as the entire group of stair treads are also affected by moisture, wood is quickly affected as it is
able to retain this water and absorb it within its particles which cause a faster wear and tear of the stair