Window Security Film

Window Security FilmWindows are some of the most delicate portions of the house which can cause a lot of injury when they break. With the help of the window security film, one will be able to ensure that the weakest portion of the house can be transformed into the strongest portion of the house. The film is basically an adhesive thin transparent film which sticks to the surface of the window easily. This behaves like the way a laminate would and holds on to the surface. The best thing about the film is that it will not leave any air bubbles or gaps between the film and the window and thereby ensures that the film does not ruin the appearance of the window after applying the film. The film will also be able to provide substantial protection for the sun. It will be able to let in the light but restrict the entry of the heat into the house. It has the ability to reject close to 67 % of the heat and can reduce the flow of infrared light by nearly 97%. Even though a little bit of light is restricted, the effect is very little and therefore does not change the lighting of the house nor the appearance.

The window security film can also be used as a security barrier for the house. It will be much more difficult for someone to break into the house through the windows as these are not all that easy to tear or break. The other great thing about the film is that it is very useful to protect the windows and the safety of your family from the weather. As the film holds the entire surface of the window together, if the glass were to break due to a storm or a hail storm, the fragments of the glass will still be kept in place and will not hurt people who are near the window at that particular point of time.

The thickness of the films varies and the choice of the thickness will depend upon the events against which protection is required. There are certain films which come with 42 layered films which will be able to protect the glasses even in the event of a blast of reasonable intensity. The film will ensure that even in the event of breakage of glass, the glass appears only to be cracked as the film will retain the entire glass in its place. There are various uses for this particular product and can be used even to protect glass ware. You can now safely hand over your glass ware to your child and not have to be worried about the child hurting himself in case the glass ware falls. The thinner films can be used to contour to any uneven surface allowing people to stick the film on things like glass ware.

Another great use of the film can be for protecting the photo frames. Most of the people who reside in earthquake prone areas prefer not to have glass photo frames as they fear about the possibility of the glass breaking. By making use of the film, people will be able to make use of the glass photo frames.