Window Safety Film

Window Safety FilmIncidents happen without any warning so it is important to be prepared for any kind of future disaster like car accident bad weather conditions bomb blasts earth quake etc and most of people die due to deep cuts and broses because of razor sharp broken glass windows. Window Safety film is an essential piece of equipment that can be easily installed in every car, train, bus, windshield, glass windows ,door windows, glass walls in buildings, malls, shops and houses.

In different areas of the world earthquake occur frequently, big building started to vibrate causing huge glass windows to brake and shattered glass falling, endangering people and other valuables. Window Safety film have shown their worth in safety of people and their property during earthquake activity, by holding window glass in it fixed place, thus prevent harm by glass falling.

As a matter of fact, with the filmed windows your home will be able to reduce the electricity bills, resulting to more money being saved annually. It would be a valued item for people mainly living in places where they experiencing hot climates. Protection and safety in extreme weather conditions such as windborne debris and hurricanes is also one of prime work of window Safety films. It prevents the glass from shattering and keep it seal.

Window Safety film are a transparent thick plastic sheet of sticker that is applied to glass in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered. It can be easily installed by cutting the piece of film according to the size and shape required for the glass. This film offer 28 micro-layers which protect the area from harmful sun rays and reduce up to 60% heat coming out of your windows. It is design to protect your house without changing it looks, it allows 70% of visible light to pass through which keep your house lighted up in day time.

Thief is also one of the major issues in the world valuables can be stolen like tools, computers, confidential business information and jewelry, all within a matter of minutes. When a window safety film is applied to the inside surface of glass, it can help keep glass pieces together on the surface of the film while the glass remains in the frame.

The thinnest varies from 100 microns. it is said to be a safety film as its main purpose is to hold glass at one place when under force of someone falling or hitting into the glass. The most demand film is either or 175 micron or 200 micron in thickness. Almost 6000 pieces of film glass is installed in Victoria General Hospital in Victoria British Columbia which protects 75% of the solar reflective qualities and also help reducing eye strain, improving the HVAC operating systems and solar heat gain.

Window Safety film is a life saving product which can keep you and your love once protected, it not only keep you save and protected from shattering of glass but also from sun rays, overheating and extreme weather conditions.