Adding Your Brand To Your Office Design

You’ve registered your business name and you have a logo, but what is next in branding your business? Having your business’s decor reflect your branding will serve two purposes that affect your bottom line: you will differentiate your business from competitors to your customers and cultivate corporate branding among employees.

Imagine you are a customer. You walk into a business, but you don’t know what they do or who they are. Will you be excited about that company? Likely not.

Now imagine walking into a business with adequate signage, coordinating colors that inspire your mood, and employees who speak uplifting phrases to you. You’ll likely have a better idea of who the company is and how doing business with them makes you feel.

Ways to Brand

Business entry ideasIn addition to signage, consider using logo floor mats help brand your business from ceiling to floor. You will likely need a mat to keep your floors clean of debris and to prevent accidents during wet weather, so why not use one that incorporates your brand name, mascot or trademarked slogan?

Incorporate colors from your company’s logo in the details of your office or shop design. If your logo is blue, think about using blue wall base as an accent color in your office. You can also use colored rubber flooring for a sharp design that is easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain.

Cove-Molding-Profiles-imgConsider how the details tie into your brand. If you want to associate traditional, secure and established characteristics with your business, traditional mill work wall base or wood grain wall base will be a better fit for your office design. This is particularly good for businesses like law firms, accounting firms, doctor offices, and banks.

Remember that branding your business goes beyond how it looks or the colors in your logo (though those factors contribute to your brand). Branding is how others describe your business, and that includes how your employees engage with customers or how quickly they get their products/services or how easy it is to complete a transaction.

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Base Molding

Base MoldingBase molding is essential when one wishes to cover the gap which may have remained during construction between the wall and the floor. Other than this, it makes it easier to do more construction between the floor and the wall in the future making the work easier. Generally, it acts as a protective cover between the walls and the floor. It protects the wall against any movement of objects near the joint between the wall and the joint such as furniture. It should be installed periodically to ensure that the joint between the wall and the joint remains intact at any given time as this will ensure that all gaps remained sealed so as not to damage either the edge of the floor or the wall.

Base molding can be made differently depending on the type of house in which it is to be installed in. For instance, chair rail; which is one of the most commonly used type of base molding is mostly used in very many residential and commercial houses. Strips of plastic or wood are commonly used to make these kinds of moldings. For commercial purposes, base moldings made from plastic materials are normally durable since they do not absorb either moisture or water which can make them either to expand or to contract making them to wear out faster. One can also opt to decorate his or hers to suite her business of house of resident’s needs.

How are base moldings installed?
It is a very simple procedure. First, it is essential to determine the size and the shape of the base molding you’d wish to fix. Measure the length of the wall where it should be installed. If the length of the wall is longer than the exact length of wood or plastic material available, joining the two should be done but in a manner which will still make it to look pretty smart. You can either paint or decorate it in your own way to suit your primary or secondary needs. However, if you’d wish to replace the old ones, then you have to remove them a lot of care as you prepare the site by making it clean.
How are base molding removed?

Removing then is just as simple as installing them. The amount of work or time used to remove any form of base molding will depend on the type of materials used during its installation. For instance, if it was made of wood, then one will be at liberty to use a chisel to pull them away from the wall. Caution should be taken so as not to destroy the wall or the floor. If it was made of concrete, then a lot of work must be done to completely remove the base molding. Remember some can be temporary while others can also be permanent.

It is worth noting that molding is not only done at the base of the house where the walls join the floor, but also where the walls joins the ceiling. This normally makes the house to be more beautiful.

Flat Vinyl Trim

Flat Vinyl TrimGetting the right trim for the windows and doors of your home and business is a very tough call. A flat vinyl trim is a very understated and inexpensive trim that is a great investment for many different reasons.

Firstly, a flat vinyl trim is exactly what it sounds like, flat not shaped like other styles of vinyl trim. The perks of investing in a flat vinyl trim instead of other shapes are the fact that flat does not conflict with any other theme in the house and, it is typically much cheaper too. Why would a person need a flat vinyl trim? Any homeowner or business owner who wishes to protect the sealant between the window and wall, or door and wall will need to seriously consider buying a trim.

Windows and doors are not as invincible as we often believe; they take a lot of wear and tear. They need to be protected, so people often turn to the market to see what the options are, of course there are trims made of other materials. So why go for vinyl trims? Vinyl trims of any shape are easier to maintain than wooden trims, and easier to clean overall. So, flat vinyl trims are a great combination of materials and style.

Flat vinyl trims are not limited to windows; doors will also need a bit of protection when you look at exposing the sealant to the weather. Flat vinyl trims can also be used to protect and cover any other vulnerable patch of your house; recent repairs for example will need more protection from the seasons if exposed. These styles of trims have a lot of benefits on top of what we’ve already discussed; for instance, actually fitting these flat vinyl trims is such an easy process with no threat of damage upon removal.

Vinyl can seem to be a weaker material than PVC for example, but it is much more flexible which gives it many more uses than PVC. Flat vinyl trims have also been used as extra protection for any small gap between a fireplace and the wall or a counter above. There are so many uses for these trims with no restriction on length. Of course when buying the product you will have to buy a set length, but ultimately you decide the length you need and adjust accordingly. Adjusting the length of a flat vinyl trim is a very easy thing to do thus why it is a much more convenient material to deal with than PVC.

Another interesting fact about this product is that it can be adjusted to fit any space, so there is a lot of flexibility with this product. It is also a very timeless product; there is no set period for replacement or need to remove it. It is such a great form of protections for the small vulnerable parts of your home or business that it really is a wise investment! Flat vinyl trim is an affordable, simple and wise investment that can only enhance the style of your home!

Flexible Rubber Moulding

Flexible Rubber MouldingFlexible rubber moulding is being used so much these days. There are just so many different kinds of uses of the flexible rubber moulding that more and more people are using them. The thing is that the flexible rubber moulding is indeed very flexible. There are many different kinds of flexible rubber moulding that one can use for many different things. This is why more and more people are able to do their moulding as they are able to get the best and the most effective flexible rubber moulding.

There are so many different kinds of flexible rubber moulding. There are some that are used in small things while there are some that are used in big ones. The thing is that when one needs a flexible rubber moulding, he or she can easily find one. There are just so many of these that more and more people will be able to enjoy the many different kinds that they will be able to use for whatever it is they need to use it. This is how great these flexible rubber moulding are. This is why more and more people are using them.

There are so many different places that sell and offer flexible rubber moulding. No matter what kind of uses a person have for the flexible rubber moulding, he or she can surely be able to find what he is looking for. This is why more and more people are able to enjoy the many different kinds of benefits that come with these kinds of moulding. This way, more and more are able to find the best of the best and be able to get the work that they have pending worked on. This is why more and more people are into these moulding. This is why more and more are able to be able to get the mould that they need.

Many people visit their local hardware stores to get their moulding. There are some who opt to visit their department stores as well. The thing is that almost all hardware stores are able to see these moulding. However, more and more people are able to make sure that they will be able to get the moulding variety that they need by going online. Yes, online. The internet has become one of the most sought after places to get these moulding. There are so many reasons why people go online for these things and this is why more and more manufacturers are making them available online as well.

The best thing about shopping online for these kinds of moulding is that one can have all the variety that they need. Online, people can see all different kinds of shapes, colors, textures and pretty much every variety of these moulding. This being said, more and more people will be able to make sure that they will get the moulding that they want and the ones that they need. Of course, these will come in the budget that they are prepared to spend for as well.

Rubber Mouldings

Rubber MouldingsThe long rubber strips or rubber mouldings attached on the sides of the car and on the edges of the car doors, help in protecting your car from unexpected dents, dings, scratch marks and other damages that usually occur in tight parking lots. These rubber mouldings also help in insulating the car door frame and prevent the water from seeping in through the window edges.

These rubber mouldings that are already present on your car may have either become loose, detached or turned white in some spots because of the harsh sunlight. So in such a situation, rather than relying on your service advisor for repairing the almost torn rubber mouldings, you can fix the issue right at home! Just get a hold of a couple of things and repair the rubber mouldings in no time at all. Here are some easy to do tips on how you can repair or glue back your rubber mouldings on the car.

7 Tips On How To Glue Rubber Mouldings In The Car Door
1. Remove any old rubber mouldings from the car with the help of a knife and discard (if they are in terrible condition). Then using an adhesive remover on a cloth, rub it on any old adhesive from the surface of the car until it becomes soft, then use a putty knife and scrape away the softened old adhesive, keeping in mind not to scrape any car paint.
2. Then using a second rag cloth, wet it with a generous amount of denatured alcohol and rub it over the place where the old adhesive was scraped off, so that it remove any kind of residue (which might have remained after scraping) from that area.
3. If the old rubber mouldings are in a good shape and if you are planning on reusing those same mouldings, then use the adhesive remover on a cloth and wipe it on the edge of the rubber mouldings, so as to remove any old adhesive. This is done so that you can use fresh glue on mouldings with ease.
4. Using a double sided moulding tape, place strips of it on the areas of the car, where the new rubber mouldings will be attached. If necessary place more strips depending on the size of the rubber moulding.
5. Peel off the protective paper from the moulding tape, so that you can attach the rubber moulding to the exposed sticky surface.
6. Measure the area of the car where the rubber mouldings will be attached and mark those exact measurements onto the new mouldings. Then using an anvil pruner, cut through the moulding. Make sure you cut the moulding about 1/8 inch shorter in terms of the length of the car door to prevent any unwanted obstruction when opening the door.
7. After cutting the moulding, carefully position them onto the exposed sticky tape and start pressing hard from one side and work it up to the other end of the moulding, so that it sets firmly onto the tape. Let this sit for three hours, after which you need to press it again firmly so that it is secured well.
These are just some of the tips on how to repair or glue your rubber mouldings without having to spend extra cash in car servicing every once in a year. Follow these easy tips and protect your car for many years to come!

Johnsonite Wall Base Color Chart

Johnsonite Wall Base Color ChartThe Johnsonite wall base color chart is always best to consult before making any color decisions. The thing is that there are just so many different kinds of colors that one can choose from and the Johnsonite wall base color chart will be able to give a pretty good idea of how to choose the best one to use. This is why more and more people are consulting with the Johnsonite wall base color chart. This way, more and more people will be able to make sure that they will be able to get the best of the best.

The best thing about the Johnsonite wall base color chart is that it shows all the colors that one can choose from. There are so many different kinds of colors that one can choose from. However, they should always make sure that they are able to get the right colors to use. Well, the Johnsonite wall base color chart will be able to solve the answer to this dilemma. This way, more and more people will be able to make sure that they are going to be able to get the best and the brightest colors to use for the walls of their homes and their businesses or office places. Indeed, the many different uses of the Johnsonite wall base color chart will give the people a better idea of which colors to use.

Many people use the wall base color chart because they are among the most accurate ones. Sometimes, there are color charts that can be confusing. This is because of the fact that the colors that the others will show can be quite different from the others. This is why it is always best that the people will be able to get the best color charts to consult and this is the Johnsonite wall base color chart.

There are many places where the Johnsonite wall base color chart can be found. Of course, the Johnsonite wall base color chart can be found in the local hardware stores. All the different stores that sell Johnsonite will be able to show Johnsonite wall base color chart so as to ensure that the people will be able to get the most accurate colors to use for their walls. This is why more and more people are into these colors. This way, more and more people are able to make sure that they are going to be able to choose the accurate colors that they want to use as base color for their walls.

When one doesn’t have time to go to their local hardware stores, he can always visit the internet. The internet has many different wall base color charts available for everyone to see. This way, everyone will be able to see the color charts that they can use to decide for as to which colors that they can use. This is why these color charts are very important. This is why more and more people are looking for these color charts online as well.

Vinyl Trim Moulding

Vinyl Trim Moulding

Vinyl trim moulding also known as casing can be used for decorating both the interior and exterior designing of your home. This vinyl trim moulding is becoming very popular in the interior designing industry, as it is now being extensively used by American households over the classic wooden base mouldings. That is because wood base mouldings are not very flexible in terms of price, color, style, design etc. when compared to a vinyl trim moulding.

Vinyl trim moulding adds class, elegance and sophistication to any room in which it is installed. If you want to add a vinyl trim moulding to your current interior dÈcor of your room or if you want to replace your old, worn out wooden base moulding with a vinyl trim moulding, then go right ahead. All you need are some tools and the following tips to get started and revamp the look of your bedroom.

Tips On How To Install Vinyl Trim Moulding At Home

1. Select a bedroom that you want to revamp by installing this vinyl trim moulding. Then head over to your local furniture or interior store that deals with supplying vinyl trim moulds and choose that which suits the color and matches the interior dÈcor of the bedroom.

2. You can choose the vinyl trim moulding according to the base trim (4 foot roll in length), cover style trim (which comes with a slight curve at the base) or a vinyl trim (that is 4 inches high with 1/16 of an inch in thickness).

3. Start removing or detaching the old wooden trim in a systematic fashion. Then using a sand brush, sand out the area of any uneven surface and dust the area of excessive dust that got accumulated. This is also done to ensure the new vinyl trim attaches perfectly well to surface.

4. Using a measuring tape, measure the area where the vinyl trim will be fitted, then mark these measurements on the length of the vinyl trim. Then using a utility knife cut the trim at 90 degree angles for an even installation.

5. Now using a construction adhesive, apply a generous layer of the glue onto the back side of the vinyl trim per measured length. Don’t apply too much, as that might get squeezed out while installing.

6. Once you have applied the construction adhesive, take the trims one by one and carefully position it against the wall, where the earlier trims were present. You will need to start installing from one end of the bedroom and work your way up to the other end to avoid any kind of wrong measurement of the vinyl trims and to ensure that the vinyl trim mouldings appear in a seamless manner without showing the cut area.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the entire room is complete and looking fabulous with the new vinyl trim mouldings.

Now since you know how easy it is to install this vinyl trim moulding in your room, then why don’t you start changing the look of the entire house by utilizing the above tips? Once you are done with installing get ready to hear some great comments from your spouse, neighbors and visitors about your interiors!

Silicon Rubber Moulding

Silicon Rubber MouldingSilicon rubber mouldings have numerous uses in day to day life. There are several salient features about silicon which provide it some really incredible physical as well as chemical properties. These properties enable the particular compound to be put to a number of uses. One of the major benefits of silicon is in its physical property. It is one of the very few compounds which can be moulded into any possible shape without compromising on the rigidity of the substance. Silicon also has the ability to be compressed and can even be converted into a smaller version of itself without affecting the very structure of the particular substance.

The other feature about silicon is that it is both viscous and at the same time binding depending upon the temperature in which it is kept at. This is a very interesting feature as it permits the compound to be used to create moulds. It can be made to take the shape of any solid substance when it is considerably hot. From this condition it can be cooled down to help it retain the same form as the body that it was once adhered to.
There are numerous uses of the silicon rubber moulding. Most of the test dummies on which crash tests are conducted are made up of silicon rubber moulding. This is because silicon can be used to create almost any kind of shape rather quickly. The other feature about silicon rubber moulding is that they are chemically very stable and this is a very crucial property when a particular compound is to be used for certain functions. The silicon rubber mouldings can even be used to bake shaped cookies or cakes. There is numerous silicon rubber moulding kits which are presently available in the market which permit people to use the mouldings to create any shape. These mouldings can then be used to bake foods in. The fact that it is chemically inert permits people to put silicon to good use in such situations.

Silicon rubber mouldings can also be used in places exposed to extremes of temperature and pressure. These silicon rubber mouldings are rather heat tolerant and can be used to create some really interesting shapes and architectural structures for the outdoors. These can even be used to provide water proofing solutions as silicon is not permeable to water. There are several other uses of silicon rubber mouldings as well. The fact that with the current technology silicon rubber mouldings can be created at home with ease helps people put this incredible piece of compound into various uses. It has become a preferred item for almost all theatres where in there is a need to create a myriad assortment of features and structures every day. It can even be used to create artefacts and comes in very handy during creative projects. One will be able to find numerous silicon rubber moulding kits in the market and the choice will invariably depend on the purpose of the use as well as on the size of the mould that you would want to create. There is also several silicon rubber moulding kits which are available especially for culinary art.

Wall Base Molding

Wall Base Molding
wall base molding

The Vinyl and Rubber Wall Base Moldings are highly durable and the color is molded into the moldings so that the color remains brighter and more durable than wood molding. The amazing array of Wall Base Molding available today allows for an infinitely greater design scheme in any room, or a protective condition that is needed to ensure that the wall does not appear to be chipped or otherwise damaged. There are over 60 designer colors to select from.

An example of our finest Johnsonite® Millwork Wood Grain and Wall Art brings a luxurious look of faux wood, metal, or stone to choose from. “The rubber base is a vulcanized, extruded product manufactured from a synthetic rubber compound specifically formulated for durability, flexibility, and stability, “according to the Johnsonite® product representatives. We have certainly found this to be true. It is a combination of a luxurious look and a high durability product.

The Roppe™ Vinyl Wall Base is available in 70 colors and it is made from 1/8” vinyl. This is an example of an easy to clean molding, and it never needs painting and will not shrink. This flexible wall base provides the best of many alternatives for architects and contractors.
The new Wall Base Molding has features that are an architect’s dream. They are very durable, never needs painting and are very resistant to scuffing. Amazingly, it looks just like wood and the Johnsonite® Colored Millwork Rubber Wall Base looks perfectly milled while it is actually molded rubber.

These moldings are so much easier to install and maintain. They never lose their shape and their finish is very resistant to scuffing.

Another molding design that is available in very durable rubber is the Johnsonite® Wood Grain Millwork Rubber Wall Base. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of molded rubber you will find. It comes in many colors and finishes and it is very flexible allowing for installation around corners. Our rubber base is a vulcanized product manufactured from a synthetic rubber compound. This compound is specifically developed for every test it could be put to.

Our wall base molding is the latest technology in developing a product for the discerning customer on a budget.
Rubber and Vinyl can be molded or extruded into many shapes that will provide an expensive decor look with far less cost. Our molding features durability, scuff resistant material, flexible material and a material that retains its appearance without ever having to be painted. The selections will please every designer who is seeking a finished look.

Johnsonite is constantly developing new products with new finishes and colors. They pay consistent attention to quality and manufacturing integrity. Our other suppliers do equally as well. The industry is looking at continuous improvement in developing and delivering the best Wall Base Molding.

The colors, styles, millwork, and materials all make a product more attractive today than ever. The client has such a wide range of options that it must be overwhelming at times. This calls for a special skill on the part of the designer and sales staff.

Wall Base Molding

Wall Base

Wall Base
wall base

A wall base can really clean up the look of a house. There’s a stigma that follows around someone that doesn’t have a house that is completely up to par. It’s an unspoken real that all of us know but few of us seem to have the courage to dwell on. However, what is the impression you get of a house that doesn’t seem to look one-hundred percent? You always feel like there was more that the family or owner of the home could have done, this is natural. Our house is one of the best representations we have for our lifestyle and a house that isn’t up to par speaks volumes of things that you don’t want it say.

So let’s fix the problem, a wall base is one of the main resources that we have to finally get that great look that we’ve all been looking for in our houses. It not only adds to the subtle detail of the house but it protects it from being knocked into, which also helps keep the value of your house and repair costs down.

Rather you’re looking for a complex pattern to trail your walls or you want something that is simple but elegant we have the right one for you. Our stock is constantly updated; we do this to keep you, our customer happy.

Wall bases are essentially the banner that many people see wrap around the bottom of a wall. They are both simple and complex at the same time, and they’re a very easy and cheap fix to many houses that suffer from seeming both bland and neglected.

We offer a wall base for every type of room, rather it is an elegant dining room with a faux wooden banner on the bottom or you want to go with a rugged diamond plate on your workshop walls than we are the service for you. You’ll be happy to know that we’ve been providing these services to our customers for a long time now and customer service is our number one priority.

Home improvement is a must do for any of us that want the that zing with the house, to leave people with the impression that not only can you do style you take pride and care into your dwelling, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an easier way to say all of this than wall bases.

So look around, see what we can offer you and what we can do for you. We’ve been providing you with home improvement fixtures and resources for a while now, and we’re happy to continue our dedication to you as you pursue your dream home.

Rather you are planning to get that project tackled this weekend or “just browsing” we are the service that you need to get the task done! If you aren’t convinced that we’re the resource that you need than contact us, relay your concerns to us and we’ll be sure to alleviate them as best as any company could. We’re here and happy to service you in whatever your home improvement needs might be.

Wall Base