Vinyl Window Film

Vinyl Window FilmHave you ever notice that in winter no matter how much you try to keep your house warm with heaters and fire chimneys but you still feel your room is cool. Do you know why? It is because your windows are not insulated properly, leakage of air cause your room to get cool or warm. But now your windows can be insulated which Vinyl Window Film which prevents air to pass though your windows and stop all kind of leakages.

To check whether your window is insulated or not try to close all the fan and air conditioner and place a candle close to your window and see if the flame is flickering. You can feel the drift but with a candle you can get a precise area from where the air is leaking, to begin the test, choose a vinyl day. Place the candle at different position and see if there are any unnecessary movements in the flame. If the flame flickers, it means your windows are not insulated properly.

Installing the Vinyl window film is very easy. Just clean your window and dry it and make sure there is not dust or any partial on the glass or in the corner of the windows. Then gently peal of the thin transparent vinyl window film sheet and place it to the external side of the window and make show there is not air bubbles or any gaps in the corner of the window. For bests result try to install the film both internal and external sides of the window.

This film not only provide protection from leaking air but also prevent harmful rays of sun and keep your house cool in summer seasons. It is also a weather shield and down let water stay on the surface of the film.

If you are bored of the way your house looks and you wanted to decorate your house, redesign it in such way that benefits you ask well as it look good and add some changes in the look of your house but you are a low budget don’t worry this problem can also be solved by Vinyl window film as it is available is in different designs like floral, shapes and typographic. And also available in different color which gives your house a complete new look. day light will make your house glow with different color of light which you have chosen.

Vinyl window films can be installed anywhere in houses, office, schools and malls. This product is very famous around the world because in colder climatic regions electric heaters cause and increase of bill my 60% compare to the other seasons but after the installing vinyl window film your bill will reduce automatically as you don’t need to run your electric heaters for long hours. Similarly, in summers it will keep your house cooler and this would also help your air conditioner to run for a limited time which in result cause a reduction in your electric bill.

Vinyl window film is one of the smart choice to enhance your house look, keep your house insulated and reduce your electric bills.