Vinyl Trim Moulding

Vinyl Trim Moulding

Vinyl trim moulding also known as casing can be used for decorating both the interior and exterior designing of your home. This vinyl trim moulding is becoming very popular in the interior designing industry, as it is now being extensively used by American households over the classic wooden base mouldings. That is because wood base mouldings are not very flexible in terms of price, color, style, design etc. when compared to a vinyl trim moulding.

Vinyl trim moulding adds class, elegance and sophistication to any room in which it is installed. If you want to add a vinyl trim moulding to your current interior dÈcor of your room or if you want to replace your old, worn out wooden base moulding with a vinyl trim moulding, then go right ahead. All you need are some tools and the following tips to get started and revamp the look of your bedroom.

Tips On How To Install Vinyl Trim Moulding At Home

1. Select a bedroom that you want to revamp by installing this vinyl trim moulding. Then head over to your local furniture or interior store that deals with supplying vinyl trim moulds and choose that which suits the color and matches the interior dÈcor of the bedroom.

2. You can choose the vinyl trim moulding according to the base trim (4 foot roll in length), cover style trim (which comes with a slight curve at the base) or a vinyl trim (that is 4 inches high with 1/16 of an inch in thickness).

3. Start removing or detaching the old wooden trim in a systematic fashion. Then using a sand brush, sand out the area of any uneven surface and dust the area of excessive dust that got accumulated. This is also done to ensure the new vinyl trim attaches perfectly well to surface.

4. Using a measuring tape, measure the area where the vinyl trim will be fitted, then mark these measurements on the length of the vinyl trim. Then using a utility knife cut the trim at 90 degree angles for an even installation.

5. Now using a construction adhesive, apply a generous layer of the glue onto the back side of the vinyl trim per measured length. Don’t apply too much, as that might get squeezed out while installing.

6. Once you have applied the construction adhesive, take the trims one by one and carefully position it against the wall, where the earlier trims were present. You will need to start installing from one end of the bedroom and work your way up to the other end to avoid any kind of wrong measurement of the vinyl trims and to ensure that the vinyl trim mouldings appear in a seamless manner without showing the cut area.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the entire room is complete and looking fabulous with the new vinyl trim mouldings.

Now since you know how easy it is to install this vinyl trim moulding in your room, then why don’t you start changing the look of the entire house by utilizing the above tips? Once you are done with installing get ready to hear some great comments from your spouse, neighbors and visitors about your interiors!