Installing Vinyl Stair Treads

vinyl stair treads

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Falling down stairs is one of the most frequently reported accidents that happen in and outside of the home. Injuries resulting from slips and falls often occur when people walk on slick stairway surfaces with no skid resistance or due to impaired vision. In many cases, these types of accidents are preventable. The solution to this common safety hazard was the invention of stair treads. The biggest advantage of buying vinyl stair treads to other like products is that they are usually cheaper.

Vinyl stair treads can improve the appearance and lengthen the life of your stairs while providing plenty of traction while walking up or down your steps safely. They can be installed over existing engineered materials, oriented strand board or plywood with nails,tacks or industrial glues. You can find vinyl treads at many local retailers as well as popular online marketplaces that sell them for under four to over twenty dollars a piece. They are relatively easy to install and come in different thicknesses depending on the level of traffic your stairways have on a daily basis, with some styles even featuring an overlapping lip and adjustable nose to conform to your stairway’s specific measurements to provide better sole-to-surface contact.

What Can Be Done for Slippery Vinyl Stair Treads?

Some styles of vinyl treads do not possess adequate ribbing to make them skid-retardant and can easily become a safety hazard especially when wet. If this describes the kind of treads you have, you can order grit strips or ribbed inserts to add traction to them. Depending on the level of traffic and particular environment where a flight of stairs may be located, you may consider ordering industrial treads for heavy duty protection against scuffing, chipping, cracking, fading, stains, soils or damage caused by many common chemical substances.

The most common colors that vinyl treads come in are brown and black, but you can also find them in other colors too or even clear if you want to place them on top of runners or carpeted stairs. The main thing to remember when applying stair treads on your steps is making sure that they are installed properly to prevent them from lifting. If you prefer not to use nails or tacks, all you will need is a tape measure and stair tread adhesive to secure them.

The following helpful tips can make your vinyl stair tread installation a much easier process:

1 ) Measure each stair by its width and the depth before buying vinyl treads as their could be an irregularity with the dimensions with some of them. If your stairs have a ledge or nose calculate this in your measurement so that there will be extra material to cover the entire stair.

2) Center and mark stair treads on both sides while they are on your steps before you apply the adhesive. Once this is done, apply your adhesive and then carefully realign stair treads with your previous markings and allow to dry according to your manufacture’s instructions.
Installing Vinyl Stair Treads

Vinyl Rubber Stair Treads

Vinyl Rubber Stair Treads
vinyl rubber stair treads

Vinyl rubber stair treads are coverings usually adhered on top of a stair structure. These treads provide greater friction and grip that can lower risks of slips and falls that may subsequently result in bumps to the head, injuries to the body or even more critical outcomes. This is a perfect accessory for houses and offices wherein there is a considerable flight of stairs and kids or disabled people are present. The treads will also support in prolonging the lifespan of the stair by covering and protecting it from getting wet or other external elements that the stair is exposed and vulnerable from.

The importance of vinyl rubber stair treads are quickly growing and expanding as more and more safety-conscious individuals move into high-rise settlements including multi-story homes and apartment units. Vinyl stair treads are finding greater acceptance among home and building owners as they arrive very cost-efficient and provide identical high levels of efficiency as compared with expensive alternatives.

If you are purchasing for stairs installed at a high-rise facility, then there is no room for errors or compromises in choosing tread measurements since the fate of the lives of hundreds of people are placed under your hands and your final decision as to which stair treads best suit the circumstance. Moreover, if you are a building contractor, then failing to strictly follow guidelines set for stair standards may entail in harsh consequences from legal authorities and organizations, and the contractor may be viewed accountable and punishable for his/her negligence towards human safety and being unsuccessful towards conforming with public responsibilities.

To guarantee safety, then it is wise to follow rules and regulations referring to stair and tread installation. The allowable estimation of a riser that you can utilize for a stair is 8 inches. Nonetheless, if you already have stairs and you cannot remodel it because of inadequacy of space or perhaps lack of finances, you can make it much safer and securer for everyone living within the premises and using the pathway through addition of a stable and solid hand rail.

The integral rule of thumb for the vinyl rubber stair treads is to maintain the installation with its local building standards and guidelines. Remember that you should have long stairs with a sufficiently lengthy elevation. Through assurance that the dimensions are invariably around 17 to 18 inches for the stair treads, you can make sure that your environment is safer and much more pleasurable even when simply scaling the stairs.

The purchase and acquisition of vinyl or rubber treads warrants appropriate installation and maintenance interventions to be able to guarantee full satisfaction guaranteed. For rare and specialized situations, you should contact a trustworthy specialist for invaluable advice and recommendations.

During preparation of the vinyl rubber stair treads for stair integration, the surface of the steps should be leveled, clean, and dry and absent from imperfections like grease, oil, paint or former coverings and adhesives. Wood-designed stair steps should be comprehensively nailed down to ensure that the nails don’t have to be repaired or tightened once the tread is laid out into its proper position, which may cause hassles and troubles for the installer.

Vinyl Rubber Stair Treads

Vinyl Stair Treads

Vinyl Stair Treads
Vinyl Stair Treads

Vinyl stair treads are helpful household accessories that can increase safety. While not as common as bathroom slip and falls, there are few household accidents that are more frightening than a slip on basement stairs. An easy method of enhancing safety in your home is to install stair treads. If your basement is primarily used for utilities and storage, then vinyl is the material likely best suited for your installation. While there are more stylish types of stair treads that may more be appropriate for stairs leading to a family room or other public areas, vinyl offers the best value if indoor safety is your primary concern. If appearance is a consideration, a “finished” look can be created by adding cove risers to the face of the steps.

Vinyl stair treads increase the coefficient of friction between shoe and stair. The horizontal raised ribbed pattern increases friction and reduces the likelihood of slips. They also reduce the general wear and tear on steps.

Basement stair treads may be particularly appropriate for homes with residents at opposite ends of the age spectrum. Both young children and senior citizens have balance issues that put them at greater risk for slips on basement stairways.

A wide selection of vinyl stair treads is available at Koffler Sales. Prices start at under $10 per tread.

Installation is simple. They are typically glued onto the stair, but can also be nailed or tacked. A water based adhesive is suitable for most installations. An epoxy flooring adhesive is recommended if significant moisture is present. Prior to ordering, measure the depth and width of the stairs. Be aware that not all stairs are necessarily uniform in size so, so measure carefully.

Vinyl Stair Treads

Stair Treads

Stair Treads
stair treads

Stair treads are useful in preventing dangerous falls from slippery stairs. It is not unusual for apartment and office buildings to feature unfinished stairwells, as most building visitors and tenants utilize the elevator(s). However, stairways typically get daily traffic. And these stairway users are particularly likely to be either tenants that are in a hurry or maintenance staff carrying equipment. They are particularly vulnerable to slipping on wet stairs. Moisture can accumulate on stairs from a variety of sources. Two common seasonal sources of moisture are air conditioner condensation during the summer and melting snow falling off the shoes users during winter. Regardless of how moisture accumulates, it can lead to a dangerous environment.

An easy way to reduce the danger of stairway trip and fall accidents is to install stair treads. To prevent slips and falls, a high coefficient of friction between shoe and stair is required. The treaded pattern on a stair tread increases this friction and reduces the likelihood of an accident. In addition to increasing the friction coefficient between shoe and stair, stair treads that include a nosing extend the surface area of the stair, further reducing potential missteps by someone that is rushing up or down the stairs. Another safety feature available on some types of stair treads is a reflective surface. Stair treads with a reflective surface add an extra level of protection from missteps, particularly during a power outage.

There are a wide variety of stair treads available for office and apartment buildings. Typically, either rubber of vinyl stair treads are installed in office and residential building stairways. Rubber stair treads are more durable and are available in a variety of decorative styles. Vinyl stair treads are the most economical type of stair treads.

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