Three Sizes Corner Guards (2)

three-sizes-corner-guards-(2)-imgThree-sided corner guards are absolute must-have’s for a safe home. But their use doesn’t stop there; they can also be fashionable accessories to blend in with the theme of the room at hand. They aren’t the first thing you think of when you get a new home, but they are necessary features for a variety of homes if not all homes.

What makes three-sided corner guards so crucial? Well, three-sided corner guards have many benefits from safety to style. Three-sided corner guards can go just about anywhere in your home that meet the three side criteria; for example, glass table corners for safety purposes, old splintering wooden corners , covering up that patchy corner carpet as well as a stylish finish to a modern home. Household aside, we look at their use from a business standpoint and their uses are numerous to say the least! From a safety perspective in a workshop to preventative measure when transporting breakable goods, these useful little accessories know no limits!

Three-sided corner guards are also not limited to foam material for safety but also a thin chrome design to finish off a chrome-themed home. These useful accessories are typically seen whenever a windshield repair company comes or, even when new furniture comes to your home. Three-sided corner guards and their uses are simply unrestricted!

Price-wise they are remarkably inexpensive considering their multidimensional uses. Like most things, when bought in bulk value for money is a big consideration. If we look at the safety perpective a little bit closer it is very easy to see that the foam versions will be most useful in a young home. However, they are also essential in an elderly home or a bustling workshop. Some may even argue that they are simply a wise investment for any home, just not always in foam form!

Three-sided corner guards are not just limited to chrome or foam, they can come in just about any desired material. PVC is always a useful material as well as wood; however, when looking at the modern market there is a movement away from any wooden corner guards and stops due to fear or rot and termite infestation. It’s a problem when the corner of the carpet is peeling up or looking worn to visitors but, it is a very different issue when they are the only access point to your home and family for insects of any description. Needless to say three-sided corner guards are crucial attributes for any home or business for multiple reasons!

Three-sided corner guards are simply must-have’s! Regardless of your circumstance there is a size out there to fit those dangerous and over-exposed corners. They are excellent ways to ensure health and safety within your home and workplace as well as being very affordable. Let’s not forget their flexibility in material and size to fit whatever the need may be! Three-sided corner guards are simply the best way to protect your home in many different ways, so what are you waiting for?