Three Sided Corner Guide

Three Sided Corner GuideA three-sided corner guard is a very interesting and simple way to protect or simply cover any corner in your home. The versatility of this household accessory knows no limitations! It’s called a three-sided corner guard because it typically covers three sides, you will most often find these sitting in the corners of people’s homes where the floor meets the corner of the wall.

There are many reasons why these are great investments for any home. For young families there is a need to booby-trap the entire house! What better way to protect your child than by getting a three-sided corner guard made of a softer foam that would limit the damage of a spontaneous fall? Corners really are quite dangerous, metal or wood. Three-sided corner guard can be very fashionable accessories not to mention saving a bit of trouble when cleaning. Much like angle stops cleaning is made easier by creating a small collection area for dust or hair as well as protecting your home from insects. Let’s also not forget those torn up corners that you would prefer to cover up when having guests around!

A three-sided corner guard can come in any material, but be prepared when sacrificing the safer option of foam for a more fashionable chrome finish. Even in a workshop of a busy construction industry there is a need for safety, especially on splintering wooden surfaces and those sharp metal edges.

Although it may seem like an expensive thing to equip the house, workshop or factory with it is certainly worth it for all the above mentioned benefits. Corners can be lethal, glass tables are more fashionable nowadays and are simply not safe for any age. It is a case of expense for safety!

The application of the three-sided corner guard is simply up the needs and budget at hand. If a foam three-sided corner guard is for you then there are a few options: glue, double sided tape or the ever-classy duct tape! The most frequently used option is the double sided tape, so when the time comes for removal of the three-sided corner guard there will only be minute residue. From a chrome or aluminium standpoint the best option would be screwing them in for style and strength purposes. For this there is a need to spend a bit more money on screws and a screwdriver that fits them.

A three-sided corner guard is so important when thinking about safety and style at the same time. The versatility that comes with the placement of the three-sided corner guard as well as the material behind the guard present a lot of choices than again depend on the budget and intention of the buyer.

The uses of a three-sided corner guard are unlimited, these accessories are so crucial for many reasons that a lot of people truly don’t consider. Corners can be dangerous in so many ways as we’ve already discussed. So why not start arming the house? These are great little investments for your home!