Tarp Repair Tape

Tarp Repair TapeA repair tape is a material used to fix leaks on various surface. Repair tapes are usually sticky and are therefore wound around the source of leakage forming a watertight surface, thus solving the leak. If the source of leakage is a small, the repair tape may form a long-term or permanent fix.However, if the source of the leak is large, repair tape provides a short term fix as long term solutions are sought for.

Canvas and tarpaulins at times may get torn. The torn places thus form leaks making such canvas or tarpaulins. Such leaks may be solved by the use of tarp repair tapes which are used to cover the torn areas and form a waterproof surface thus making the tarpaulin or canvas watertight. Tarp repair tapes are used to fix leakage problems on tarpaulins or canvas. The source of leakage on the tarpaulin is identified after which the tape repair tape is placed tightly upon the leak to ensure it is airtight leaving no room for leaks through the repaired hole.
When choosing a tarp repair tape one should first ensure that it can withstand high water pressure that may act upon it so as to ensure it fixes the leak for a fairly permanent period. One should also ensure that it is thermally stable, that is, it is effective for use in any type of climate, whether too cold or hot. It should also be sticky to ensure it adheres to the untorn parts of the canvas while fixing the leak forming a watertight seal on the canvas.

Tarp repair tapes are of the advantage that they can be used to fix small leaks on a tarpaulin for long periods.Besides, it also save the users the cost of buying new tarps or hiring expatriate help to help fix the small leak as the tapes are far much cheaper than the latter alternatives.

However, tarp repair tapes can only be used to fix minor leaks. If a canvas is torn across a large area, fixing the leak using canvas will be ineffective as it will not form a highly waterproof surface on the tarpaulin. This is because it would be difficult to put the repair tape over a widely torn area. Besides, the fluid pressure that would be exerted on the repair tape will be too high and it may therefore be deformed and become ineffective. Tarp repair tapes also lose their degree of stickiness on their surface as time progresses, necessitating periodical replacement of the tape.