Dress Up Any Door

Dress up any door with a bold color and hardware. A good kick plate will keep your door looking great a lot longer since it prevents damage. How many times have we kicked open a door when our hands were full or rested a heavy box against it?

Whether you have a classic or contemporary door, a kick plate adds a finishing touch to your door that will make a good first impression to visitors of your home or business.

Here are some great examples of doors featuring a kick plate we found from Pinterest:

Kick plate door hardwareDoor hardware stylee0297414e385f3d88c8c5e08b4ba3f7eStylish door with glass and kick plate
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Koffler Sales offers many styles of kick plates, as well as additional forms of door protection.

Koffler Sales vinyl kick plate  color chart
You can even branch out past stainless steel kick plates (as shown above) with colored vinyl options. Use a colored kick plate to blend in with any color you choose to paint your door or you can use a contrasting color to create a more dramatic design. A black kick plate on a white door will look very modern and chic, while lavender against a navy door will work with a Victorian style building.

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Kick Plate

kick plate

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When you are looking for a new kick plate for your door, regardless of which door you need to protect from kicks, scratches and the elements, you will find a variety of kick plate options to help.

If you have ever noted a door, particularly near the bottom of the door, that has taken more than its share of shoe marks from kicks, scratches from the family dog, marks from accidental bumps when moving furniture in and out of the house through the main door for such uses, you can take a lesson that a kick plate may spare your door from every day wear and tear. You may also be able to preserve the lower part of your door from the elements such as snow, mud and other things that can damage your door. Even if it is simply a matter of you having too much in your arms, such as groceries, when trying to open your door, you may need to use your foot to help push the door completely open.

Maybe you are concerned about the wood warping as much as you are worried about the cosmetic aspects of scratches and marks. If that is the case, the right kick plate will protect work to prevent such warping and misshaping of the wood or other materials of the door itself to give it longer lasting life.

Also, if you choose the right protective plate device, it can even add a decorative or eye appealing aesthetic element to your home. You can find something that beautifully contrasts against your home’s door to create something attractive and functional.

With the right protective plate, you will not have to worry about being easy and gender if you need to give an extra nudge or if your family dog scratches at the door without having had a recent nail trim. You will not need to repaint or do anything once you have installed the plate that pleases you and that will give your door the best protection against accidents and the elements. You also not need to worry about constantly minding the door to see if it needs to be rigorously cleaned due to mud and other debris that may be on the door.

Make sure that the kick plate is fitted to your specific door and that it matches the door and your home. You can find these plates in polished brass, satin nickel, antique brass, pewter and other materials that feature a variety of mounting methods so you will find plenty of door plate choices.

Once you have chosen the right plate to protect your door, you want to make sure you hire the right person or perform the installation of your new kick plate properly to ensure the most effectiveness, efficiency and that it will last for as long as possible. You want to make sure that your door opens as smoothly with the newly installed kick plate as it did on its own. Having an uncooperative door is no solution at all and may ultimately cause more problems for you and your family since you may need to resort to jerking the door doing other things that may damage or compromise the door’s structure at other spots, rather than just the bottom where the kick plate is.

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