Wood Corner Guards to Add Architectural Character

Corner guards in country kitchen home decorWhether you leased a blank office space or purchased a fixer upper, it’s easy to add architectural character with wood corner guards.

Available with millwork detailing, these corner guards create a custom, upscale look while preventing your walls from damage. This style of corner guard is best suited to traditional, Victorian, colonial or country chic decor. Available in red oak, hard maple, cherry and paint-grade wood, it is easy to find the right product for your space.

Consider using corner guards in your kitchen or any heavily trafficked space at home. If you own a bed and breakfast inn or hotel, you may want to install wood corner guards in the hallways to prevent property damage caused by luggage.

Adding wood corner guards to your property is also more affordable than you think, with prices ranging from $19.19 – $44.65 each.

Here is Brook’s review on our website:

I looked on other websites just saying don’t wast your time.They look great I am so happy I found them ,I ordered 3 and I am ordering 3 more for me and 3 for my daughter .VERY HAPPY.

Millwork wood corner guards for kitchen

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Corner Protector

corner protector

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Making sure that the interior portions of any room, whether in a home, office, hotel or other building remain unscathed through general use; you can use products such as a corner protector to help stave off damage that can easily occur.

For home usage, a corner protector can bring you the extra safety that comes when sharp edges and corners are covered in the durable material of a corner protector. You can use a corner protector in clear laminate, wood or vinyl so that you can match the material and color to the corners in any room so that they blend in well and do not cause any disruptions in the overall look and feel of your home. This can be ideal to help prevent children and adults from getting injured on corners that stick out throughout a home.

A corner protector can also be used throughout commercial facilities so that the building has a higher level of safety to help protect those who come in to the building. Corners can cause injury to those who inadvertently run or bump in to them and that is one of the reasons why an easy to install corner protector can go a long way in helping to reduce the risk of injury that is naturally associated with corners.

The ability to simply place such a protector on any or all corners throughout an area can help you create a safe environment. The fact that so many sizes, options, colors and styles are available also allow you to keep your design and decorating theme alive and well as the protectors will blend right in. You can also paint, wallpaper or otherwise cover a corner protector if you truly want to make your corners blend right in to the rest of the wall, ledge, shelf, mantle or counter top that you are working with to make safer.

Though many may overlook things such as corners, it is always in your best interest to make any area as safe and secure as possible so that no one gets hurt. Corners can be quite dangerous when children run in to them, people fall or trip and land on the sharp edges or even if someone just simply missteps and bangs in to one. Using protectors is by far the fastest and most prudent way to help avoid such incidents.

Corner Protector