Clear Wall Corner Guards

clear wall corner guard

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Tired of repairing the corners in your home or office? Would you like to keep your wall corners pristine and sharp? Then the answer is simple, use our clear wall corner guards that are not only rigid but made of a flexible p.v.c.. KofflerGuards, distributed by KSC Corner Guards, have made these low cost and easily cleaned clear wall corner guards with you in mind. This product is not only for protection, it is also very easy to install. It’s long lasting clear lexan color you will not have to worry about yellowing. All clear guards may also be painted on the inside with latex paint to match your decor whatever it may be!

This product is also very handy in shower areas where you want to protect the corners from getting soft. Clear wall corner guards have a very high resistance to damage, stains and the clean up is a snap. You can use simple cleaning products like soap and water, and the p.v.c. material makes it ultra durable.

Since most of us are not exactly handymen, KofflerGuards has made installation a breeze. No matter where you want to protect, all you need to use is one of the following methods; construction adhesive, small nails or screws or you can even use our new peel and stick option, to mount our clear wall corner guard where you need protection. With pre-drilled holes that are 2” and center offset from each end and the clear wall corner guards come in 90º and 130º to fit snugly into any corner you may have. There is a size for any job, 4’ and 8’ are the standard sizes, however you can call for custom lengths.

End corner damage, protect your corners, and do it with style. KSC Corner Guards bring you the ultra durable, ultra versatile, and ultra easy installation should be an easy choice.