Installation Tutorial: Non Slip Decking Strips

Whether you are looking for the right decking for a restaurant outdoor space, a playground or your private home, taking the time to research the best type of deck will save you time and money.

An improperly maintained deck can hurt someone from a slip, fall, or even rubbing the wrong way against a poorly installed part of the deck.

Depending on the deck material used (we recommend researching the best surfaces for your area’s weather), you can install non slip decking strips to protect your decking from damage and prevent accidents.

Here is a free video tutorial for installing non slip decking strips from our YouTube channel:

Here is what the finished project can look like:

Anti slip decking for restaurants, playgrounds, and homes

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Anti Slip Tape Outdoor

Anti Slip Tape OutdoorThe stairs of pretty much any structure can be dangerous if they are not properly made. There are certain materials that can be used that can cause stairs and treads to be slippery and dangerous for people, especially when they are wet. This is why anti slip tape for stairs is invented. Basically, the anti slip tape for stairs is a kind of tape that is installed along the edges of the stairs and treads. This will ensure that the steps of the stairs will not be slipper for people to slip through. Also, this will ensure that people will not get tripped when they are passing the stairs, even when they are in a hurry.

There are only advantages when it comes to anti slip tape for stairs. The safety and protection of the people that will pass through the stairs and the treads are the primary advantage of installing the anti slip tape for stairs. Safety is vital no matter what kind of structure is being talked about. The thing is that there are many different structures that have stairs and treads – some a lot and some even just a couple. When it comes to homes, these anti slip tape for stairs are very useful especially when there are children who will most likely be running around the house. No one wants their children to fall from stairs. This is very dangerous. Therefore, when there are stairs in the house, even when they are just a few, it is very smart to get anti slip tape for stairs and install them at the edges of all the treads around.

When it comes to the workplace, these anti slip tape for stairs are very useful too. People in the workplace are always moving around and about. Many people go up and down the stairs at all times. No matter what the material of the treads may be, it is still important that there are anti slip tape for stairs installed in them so as to ensure that people will not go falling in these stairs. The best thing about these anti slip tape for stairs is that they are flexible enough to be installed no matter what materials are used in the treads of the stairs. Whether it is wood, tiles, or whatever, installing anti slip tapes is very important. Even when the materials used in the treads are not deemed slippery, it is still very important that there are anti slip tapes installed. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

For the many advantages brought about by these anti slip tape for stairs they are very affordable. These anti slip tape are available everywhere, too. However, it is important that one should make sure that the anti slip tape that they get are made out of the most durable materials. It is important that the adhesives that are used to install them are might strong too. If any of these two are compromised, the anti slip power of these tapes might end up being compromised as well.