Get Your Home or Business Holiday Ready

With the holidays around the corner, we want to remind you to plan for an increase in activity around your home or business. With people coming and going, not to mention wet and slushy fall weather, accidents are more likely. We want to make sure that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season, so we put together some Koffler tips!

Get your home or business holiday ready with Koffler Sales

all weather floor mats The weather outside may not be so delightful – here in Chicago, the weather by December can be downright frightful! Prevent slips or falls as well as dirty slush from entering your home or office with an All-Weather Mat. An all-weather mat is specifically designed for wet conditions and freezing temperatures, and it will help provide a better surface when it is slick out.

It will also catch leaves before your guests or customers drag them inside with them. The holidays are very busy for everyone, so having to sweep less often by your entrance is a good thing!

Green-Roof-Drainage-Mat-imgSpeaking of mats, did you know that Koffler Sales also offers commercial-grade Restaurant Mats? During the holiday season, most people cook large meals more often or are entertaining. Give your aching joints a break with a padded mat designed for standing for long periods of time. Your knees will thank you.

Steps can be very dangerous this time of year because surfaces are slippery, and with stairs there is less surface area to help someone catch their balance. We highly recommend installing Anti Slip Stair Nosing to any outdoor steps and entrance or foyer steps you may have.

reflector-tape-imgConsider adding Reflective Tape to your holiday crafts. Here’s why: If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it gets very dark during the winter months and nighttime starts as early as 4PM. Help motorists find your home or business and see the entrance with reflective tape. With several colors available on, the ideas are endless!

Here’s a few decor ideas:

  • Turkey design with reflective feathers on a pumpkin
  • Reflective snowflakes in your landscaping
  • Star of David on a potted plant
  • Champagne bottles with reflective labels for New Year’s

We wish everyone a safe Halloween weekend, and remember to “fall back” on Sunday for Daylight Savings Time!

Anti-fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue Floor Mats
anti-fatigue floor mats

Anti-Fatigue floor mats have become popular in home and office settings. These mats are essential for anyone that is standing up for long periods of time.

These products are much better than the traditional rugs. They have been specially designed for people that are on their feet for long periods of time. This has become very popular for companies that have employees on long work shifts.

There are all kinds of different styles available. These anti-fatigue floor mats come in different colors and sizes. Many are designed with slip resistant features for safety. There are also some designed with sponges. These different designs provide different levels of comfort.

Homeowners will also find these items valuable for work they may be done in the home. There are definitely areas where these products would be useful in a home environment. Lots of homeowners utilize these products when they are doing things like painting. It allows individuals to stand for long periods of time without tiring out.

The surfaces on some of these products have a carpet-like feel at times. There are other types that are made of rubber. Some of the rubber types have a groove that molds for the foot. This can equate to extra levels of comfort. There are also some skid-resistant and marble mats available.

All of the different types reduce fatigue in various ways, but the sponge base products are typically the best ones. These products are known to drastically reduce the effects of fatigue over a long period of time. Lots of organizations seek these types of products in environments like assembly lines. They can help minimize accidents and reduce fatigue that often plagues assembly line workers.

It can be difficult to meet the demands of the job if the employee is tired. The ability to stand on something that minimizes foot pain can be a very valuable asset any employee. It is a wise investment for companies that choose to acquire these anti-fatigue floor mats. Organizations that do so will get a great level of productivity from their employees.

People that have medication conditions will also benefit from these products. They have become some of the most resourceful products among people with arthritis. These products are also valuable resources for those that have foot pain. People that have these problems may use them throughout the home to reduce their fatigue.

Overall, organizations along with homeowners purchase anti-fatigue floor mats because they are virtually indestructible. These products are also chemical resistance. That makes them valuable in the home and in business settings. These are obviously added benefits to the main advantage of reducing fatigue.

Products like anti-fatigue floor mats can have a major effect on what people experience when they are not working. Employees that do not have these products in place will have more issues with their feet and their back. This will often lead to high job turnover and less productivity from these employees. It makes more sense to purchase the products that will increase productivity and minimize turnover. This is definitely a product that will benefit anyone that has to spend any amount of time on their feet.

Anti-fatigue Floor Mats