DIY Projects with Acrylic Sheets

If you’ve ever walked into a fancy home decor shop, you’ve likely seen designer furniture pieces and accessories made out of acrylic, plexiglass, or lucite. Of course, you’ll also see designer price tags attached. Consider crafting your own look-a-likes at a fraction of the cost.


Make a terrarium table using acrylic sheets and these instructions from blogger Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess. To save money, you can purchase the acrylic sheets from Koffler Sales. Prices start from only $19.06!

You can create art work easily and inexpensively using acrylic sheets and lovely leaves or flowers you find while hiking or grown in your garden. Kate Brown Home Workshop has a simple tutorial for a Simple Nature Art Project.

If you are looking to organize notes in an office or classroom setting, this tutorial for a DIY Lightboard is right for you. It will also make an impressive fixture in any meeting space, since it is more colorful and attention grabbing than a simple white board. You’ll want to use acrylic sheets in at least 48″ x 96″ for this project.


Here is our guide to cutting custom shapes out of acrylic:


If you have children or grandchildren at home, consider crafting a clear plexiglass easel for outdoor fun. Plus, it cleans up easily – you can spray it with a garden hose, rinse off the paint and play again on a blank canvas!

Instructions for the DIY outdoor art easel can be found here, via Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Consider tackling a clear acrylic project during a summer weekend, and there is still some time to create something like DIY acrylic corn hole game pieces in time for July 4th weekend.

Koffler Sales wishes you a happy summer, and happy crafting!