Stairs Tread Rugs

Stairs Tread RugsAccording to statistics 3 out 5 Americans die every other day from falls on the stairways in the homes,
offices, schools, hospitals and restaurant. Many others get injured everyday including children and aged
people. Therefore several measures have been put in place like the erection of powerful rails and simple
remedies like using stair tread dugs, rubber stair treads and carpets. All these methods come with
variety of materials but have the sole intention of ensuring safety while using the stairs. This is usually
by creating friction between the footstep and the stair thus giving an individual a much stronger grip and

Since varieties of options are available, individuals look out for the best and suitable method. If you are
considering stair tread rugs, take into account the following matter:
Installation – The easier the installing process the better. Several stair treads may be installed
differently. Equipments mostly used are nails, tapes and glues. Stair tread rugs are mostly stuck on the
floor using industrial glues which holds them firmly on the ground. Therefore find out the installation
procedure so as to know the relevant and necessary equipments to use.

Density – The density of the rug which is usually the thickness or thinness is determined by the traffic
that will be used on the treads. Conceptually he more the people using the rugs and the more the
number of times individuals use it on a daily basis, the thicker the rug should be. Therefore before
purchasing a stair tread rug, always consider the quantity of movement on the staircase with the treads.
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