Rubber Stair Tread Ideas

Rubber stair treads are an excellent idea for heavy-traffic staircases, whether you’re looking to improve the stairs for your school, church, or even a home full of energetic children. Rubber stair treads can be used as indoor stair treads and outdoor stair treads (always read the product description to be sure), so they are a very versatile product.

If you are concerned that rubber stair treads will look too industrial try this clever design hack: Choose stair treads in a bright color to add fun and a high-design look to any space!

For floor protection, consider using a team color for a high school or college campus. Many startup offices are incorporating pops of color to encourage creativity and innovation — why not in the stairwell? At home, slips and falls can happen on basement stairs. Rubber stair treads are not slippery and can help prevent accidents. The texture of a rubber step is easier to climb for many aging pets as well. For basement stairs, you can choose a classic color that will match your decor or you can add personality with a fun color — like your child’s favorite color.

One cool idea you’ll find on the Koffler Sales site is to combine different shades of the same color to create an ombré staircase.

Rubber stair treads and floor tile in bright blue with circle pattern
Purple steps with rubber stair treads
Patio steps in black rubber with concrete
Ombre steps with industrial rubber stair treads
Cool modern stairs with modern railing

Curious about installing rubber stair treads? Click here to see free tutorial videos on!

Exterior Staircase Kits

Exterior Staircase KitsExterior staircase kits are exactly what they sound like. They are kits that can be purchased to build a staircase on the outside of a house or building. They can lead up to decks, landings, patios, or porches. Exterior staircase kits can be purchased in steel, aluminum, or wood. Wooden kits can be stained or painted to match the trim or exterior decoration of the house or building. These kits come with everything that is needed to build an exterior staircase’even the handrails. Some even include small tools like allen wrenches in the kits.

Exterior staircase kits can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be straight or spiral. They can be z-shaped. Exterior staircase kits can also be custom designed to fit the consumer’s needs. This means that the staircase may be squared off or rounded on the edges. They can have as few as two stairs and as many as 30 stairs (or more for custom kits).

Just about anyone can use exterior staircase kits to add stairs to the outside of their building or house. Contractors, builders, and do-it-yourselfers all frequently use exterior staircase kits. There are no special measurements needed during the building of the stairs. Instructions are included. The kits are easy to assemble for anyone’novice to professional.

There are many reasons why consumers choose to use exterior staircase kits instead of building stairs from scratch. First, the kits are usually faster to use than start from scratch staircases. Second, exterior staircase kits are typically easier to put together. There is no measuring or cutting to do during the assembly. Third, exterior staircase kits are normally more economical than start from scratch stairs. All of these benefits for kits are because they are ready to assemble straight from the box. All the parts are included in the kits. Since the kits are ready to assemble, there is no need to go back for more parts when the consumer cuts something incorrectly. The pieces are already cut in the kit. This helps save time and money for the consumer.

Ready to use exterior staircase kits are becoming increasingly more popular with builders and contractors because they can be assembled by most anyone. They arrive at the location with all parts included. The consumer does not have to cur pieces or do any fancy measuring during assembly. Exterior staircase kits are easier to put together than traditional start from scratch stairs. They typically cost less than start from scratch stairs. The kits can usually be put together more quickly than traditional stairs. The kits can be purchased to match the trim or d

FRP Stair Tread

FRP Stair TreadMore and more people are looking to use FRP stair tread these days. A FRP stair tread is a stair tread made out of fiber reinforced plastic. This is basically a tougher type of stair treads and this is one of the major reasons why more and more people are into the FRP stair tread. There are many other reasons why people love these as well. Initially, the FRP stair tread will be able to provide pretty much everything that anyone will ever need in a stair tread. This is why the demand for the FRP stair tread has been on its all-time high.

The best thing about the FRP stair tread is the durability that it has. There are many different kinds of materials that are used in stair treads. There are different kinds of materials to choose from to use. But the thing is that the FRP stair tread proves to be the most durable of all. This way, more and more people will be able to enjoy the many different benefits that can be gotten from any ordinary stair treads – and more of course. The durability of the stair treads is very important. This is because of the fact that the stair treads are meant to be able to protect and elongate the lives of the stair cases and stair ways in general. The stair treads are meant to absorb the pressure and the weight of the people that step on it. This way, people will be able to enjoy more the different kinds of benefits brought about by the stair treads.

Another major reason why people use the FRP stair tread is that they are very pleasant looking. There are many different things that a person can do to be able to make their homes looking good, safe, and protected all at the same time. This is why more and more people are into the FRP stair tread. They know that they can get all these three benefits without having to worry about the different kinds of stresses and hassles that stair treads of not excellent quality can bring.

There are many different places that offer FRP stair tread as well. When one is looking for different kinds of stair treads, they can always be able to get the right stair treads. This way, more and more people will be able to show the best benefits and advantages that these stair treads have. Not only will they assure the people strong and durable stair treads, they also give the guarantee that these stair treads will be able to work for a long time well. This is why more and more people love these kinds of stair treads. This way, they can be able to make sure that they will be able to get the strongest and the best kinds of materials that they can get as their stair treads. This way, they can make sure that they are able to get the best bang for their buck.

Non-Slip Outdoor Stair Treads

Non-Slip Outdoor Stair TreadsFor outdoor purposes, usually we prefer to have some non slip outdoor stair treads. There are many reasons to choose non slip material. The stairs which are outside the house are usually wet because of rain or because of dirty shoes, sometimes pets also go through them, or many other reasons of dirt are present there. There must be some material which is weather resistant, flexible and easy to clean or maintain. Normally we have seen many females preferring castrated stairs whether outside or inside the house. Though they look smart and gives a neat look but at the same time they are very tough to maintain outside the house.

When we return home; we don’t have any idea how much dirt, grease or water is attached to our shoes which automatically our stair treads has to face. If we have any carpeted stairs how we will remove the stains from it And moreover another fatigue will add on to our tasks. Or if we use some pure plastic material, it increases the chances of slipping 100% more than before. Another damage which carpet will give is to the wood or steel of the staircase. A good option which we can use as a non slip outdoor stair treads is tiles. Yes we can use tiles which are anti-slip. To apply the tiles, you need to follow a few basic steps.

First of all, apply mortar to the back of the tile and place it on the edge of the stair step. Don’t forget to add tile spacers to remove the spaces from the corners. Now place the left tiles as well on the treads. Repeat the process again and again to complete the tiling procedure on all stair treads. Pull out all the tile spacers from all stair treads. Apply the grout, and let it dry for the whole day. It is very affordable and cheap way to protect yourself and your loved ones from falling badly. It is 100% water resistant and will be applicable for all kinds of weathers. Another school of thought says that we must use some Eco friendly material which is non slip for our outdoor stair treads. Some material which may not destroy the beauty of nature and house and which may also maintain the recycling process smoothly. Natural wood can also be a good alternate and it is non slip as well.

One need to be very careful regarding his or her stair treads because it’s a matter of a bit of negligence and it can destroy one’s life easily. People believe that having a stylish stair tread is more important than having a non slip outdoor stair tread but this approach is totally wrong as it is harmful for anyone who is in a hurry or who is having a bit of wet or greasy shoes. It can straight away lead to some major injury. For the safety of each and every pedestrian, nonslip outdoor stair treads are a must have if for every house out there.

Outdoor Stair Treads Non-Slip

Outdoor Stair Treads Non-SlipOutdoor stair treads non-slip are very commonly used in homes for the security of everyone and especially for kids. Stair treads are applied to make the stairs anti-slip. Slipping from stairs is very dangerous as it directly hits the head or face. That is very harmful, if one gets such injury the chances of life become very less.

Falling accidently down from the stairs is one of the biggest causes of unintentional death. That is the reason people prefer to apply stair treads to avoid any inconvenience. Same like that the tripping ratio increases on wet stair cases. This makes the outdoor stair treads non-slip more effective as it prevents falling. The stair treads which are non-slip, makes the foot traction better that it makes it anti-slip.
A variety of outdoor stair treads non-slip are available in the market. One can choose according to his or her surroundings. There are great numerous colors, designs and patterns available in the shops. Different types of manufacturers use different materials for the making of the outdoor stair treads non-slip. The core materials which are usually used in the making of stair treads are based on aluminium, stainless steel with anti-slip coating. Usually all the manufacturers provide the warranty for lifetime productivity. They also say that these stair treads are weather resistant and are the most long lasting. People sometimes paint the anti slip coating yellow to make it visible at night for the pedestrians. People prefer to buy some anti-slip coating which have an outline around them so that it may be visible for the pedestrian who are not that much more careful while walking and especially at night when it is dark.

No doubt outdoor stair treads non-slip are very good option to use but apart from non-slip stair treads there are many other anti-skid solutions available for the safety and better anti-skid solution. A good option could be carpeted, anti-slip tape or anti-slip paint. If you are searching for some cheapest option, then it would be anti-slip tape. But the only issue with it is that within a short span of time it peels off and the sticking gets loosened. non-slip paint is a very good solution and it is quite permanent as well. But it also has a limitation that it doesn’t remove afterwards so one has to be very loud and clear before applying any paint.
Another good option for applying some outdoor stair treads non-slip would be metallic non-slip stair treads. This is a real good option. As it is weather resistant. Rain, strom or extreme summer won’t change or harm it. There’s no limitations to it. It can be applied to wood, concrete staircases or ramps. Another advantage to it is That its color is permanent, it hasn’t even fade with the passage of time. On the wooden staircase, it increases the life of the wood under the stair treads. They are very easy to install. Another plus point to it is that it can be removed very easily whenever required. They even do not damage the surface under the stair treads. Outdoor stair treads non-slip do not provide protection for the family, guests and pets; these stair treads also provide a beautiful and refreshing look to your house and the staircase.

Importance Of Installing Stair Treads In Our Houses

Importance Of Installing Stair Reads In Our HousesInstalling stair treads in our houses should be a major necessity. This is due to the significance of these
structures in our homes. Transition of cultures has led to the contemporary society having a dire need to
be as much comfortable as possible in their homes. Space is one major consideration before building or
buying a house. Therefore builders and constructors invented the usage of stairways so as to ensure
houses have as many rooms as required and using up the least space possible on the ground. A stairway,
staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or just stairs is a construction in a structure with connected pieces
that lead to an upper level of the construction. Stairs are made using variety of materials which may be

Occasionally in houses, the staircases are one of the most dangerous zones where most accidents take
place. Frequent accidents that involve slipping or tripping on the steps and falling resulting to serious
injuries and even fatal situations, probed the need to put up safety measures that would ensure
individuals were safe when using stairs. Stair treads came up as one of the measures. These are pieces
that are stuck on the steps so as to reduce chances of slipping and falling. Stair treads increase the
friction between our feet and the steps thus creating a much stronger grip and reduces chances of
slipping and causing serious accidents.

Variety of material can be used in installing stair treads but the main goal remains ensuring maximum
safety. Another goal when installing stair treads is ensuring they are pleasant and appealing to look at
since their stairs are a very conspicuous part in a house and really affect the whole interior d

How To Install Stair Treads And Risers

How To Install Stair Treads And RisersIt is a simple thing which people ask on and off that how to install stair treads and risers. There is no big deal in the installation of stair treads and risers. The stair installation does have some petty issue which needs to be worked on. Like different types of stairs would have a separate style of installation. The material used will be different. The technique has to be different. Though it is an easy task but it also includes some tilt bits which are very necessary for the installer to know about. Here we would consider wooden stairs as it is assumed that many of the houses have wooden stairs in them.

First of all the most important things we need to figure out the answer to how to install stair treads and risers, level, tape measure, a pencil, chop saw, belt sander, orbital sander, table saw small diameter nails, elastomeric and at last but not the least treads and risers. As per the review of the consumers, clear grip tape is rated as user friendly and easy to use. comapring with black grip tape, the clear grip tape is diffrent and made up of different components. it is not at all messy, if the worker has worked accurately. Collect these things a day before starting the installation. First of all analyze and evaluate the stairs to know the rise and fall. Now use a level to measure the tread for flatness and uneven surface or riser. Shim and make the angles at 90 degrees. Now as step 3 uses the plywood base, perfectly measure the length of the tread to avoid any inconvenience. Now mark a point on the tread. While going through the process you will be able to know the answer to your simple question that how to install stair treads and risers.

Coming back towards our fourth step measure the step from the opposite wall to the same point. Now add both of the lengths and get the length of the tread. The same process will be used for calculating the length of the riser. Now according to the measurements cut the tread and the risers for the first step. We hope that the question how to install stair treads and risers is getting clearer with every passing step. To get accurate cuttings use your chop saw for cutting. In the sixth step, it’s the turn to stand the tread and the riser. Yes use belt sanders to make your tread and riser stand. Now the rest steps are very easy as you have to repeat your steps from second till the fifth step on every next stair step. Let the stairs dry now for few times. Now when you are done with it, clean the stairs and take off the wood leftovers.

Now as you have got the answer to your query that how to install stair treads and risers there are few things which one must not forget. One is that never push the treads and risers or make them fit with force. It will fix them for the time being but later on they will produce gaps in between. Never forget to fasten your stairs at the end. Use elastomeric and small diameter nails to fix it properly and for longer time duration.

Rubber Vinyl Stair Treads

Rubber Vinyl Stair TreadsStair treads have recently become the solution to frequent accidents on stairs in our homes, office
buildings, apartments, hospitals, schools, factories, churches, hotels, restaurants, theatres, factories,
institutions; and any other place that humans tend to move in and out for commercial, residential or
industrial purposes. Several materials are used to install stair treads including the rubber vinyl treads
which ensure a strong grip thus reducing slipping and falling and are also attractive to look at.

Rubber vinyl stair treads ensure that the stairways and staircases are as safe as possible to walk on.
Many different designs and shapes for rubber vinyl stair treads have recently come up so as to cater for
the high demand for stair treads due to the increased frequency of accidents. Rubber Vinyl stair treads
are made from different blend of attractive colours and shapes thus consumers have a wide variety of
options to choose from.

Apart from the fact that rubber vinyl star treads ensure a strong grip on wood, tiled, concrete or
terrazzo steps and general safety footing, they can also muffle footsteps and cover up noisy stairways
that are most of the times inconvenient and embarrassing. A noisy stairway is usually a sign of a
technical fault on the stairway but it can also be due to the material used for the flooring of the steps
which produces some sound when a shoe comes into contact with. Therefore a stairway that has rubber
vinyl installed has the ability to absorb or produce minimal to no sound at all when using the steps.

Rubber Vinyl stair treads also improve the general appearance of old or worn out stairs. Due to the
availability of this type of stair treads in various attractive designs, they are able to give a fresh and new
look to previously unattractive steps a more pleasant look. This is so because they come in variety of
attractive colours, prints and styles and have matching landing tiles and matching stair risers. They also
help in maintaining and lengthening the lifespan of our staircases as act as a protective cover against
regular wear and tear caused by several elements like moisture and dust.

Another merit of the rubber vinyl stair tread is that it is a very cost effective method in both creating a
safety measure to prevent slipping and reducing costs incurred and regular floor maintenance of the
stair ways. It is never easy to find solutions for treads that all ensure safety, attractiveness and pocket
friendly but rubber vinyl treads are an exception. They are easily installed with nails, tacks or industrial
glues to ensure they tightly hold the surface and prevent lifts which might also lead to major trips and
falls. They are made in different thicknesses and purchase his or her preferred thickness according to
the frequency in movement on the stairway on a daily basis. Some even have a nose which can be
adjusted so as to correspond to the exact measurements and fittings of the particular stairway.

Stair Treads Black

Stair Treads BlackStair treads are easily available in the market but stair treads black are very common. Usually they are used for indoor stairs. People are very much fond of beauty. In the United States most of the houses have wooden stairs in their homes so on the wooden shade when these stair treads black are applied they gave a dynamic look which is very soothing. A grace automatically arrives in the room. Many companies have launched black stair treads for outdoor and indoor use. Stair treads black are usually found with some print on them or with black self print. They are available in multiple types of self prints and everyone is allowed to choose according to his or Her surroundings.
Some are having colorful patterns on them, but it is observed that such funky kind of stair treads is not purchased often because of its funky look. Only young boys or girls Are attracted towards it. The choice of mothers and fathers are usually a bit grateful that includes black self print. There are a great variety of sizes is given on internet of stair treads black for the ease of the clients. They are commonly available in 24”or 18”inches of sizes. They are wide enough so that they can be used easily where ever one wants to apply them. There is another great benefit which is provided by the stair treads back is that they are anti-slip. They prevent falling and tripping. It is a great deal.
People usually fall from the stairs but it prevents falling. It is water, grease or oil resistant. It is very easy to clean. All you need is a sponge and some washing liquid. You can clean it easily like any other thing. It has a finished neat and glossy look. Whether you are living in a new construction or an old one, it is very easy to install them. Usually it is recommended for indoor use to get maximum benefits from it. It is deep and it enjoys heavy traffic on it. It is a fine quality product but acts as a rough stair tread.
The stair treads black are made in the United states of America. When you order it online, it is delivered in the next twenty four hours. The set includes 1 roll of tape in it with 13 stair treads to be applied. One can install easily. No kind of manpower is needed. It helps the dogs a lot to cross from the slippery wooden surface. It is another way to give a fresh look to your drawing room or living area. These stair treads black gives a very stylish and elegant look. It produces a warmth to the room. It is very helpful for the pets especially for dogs. They can move easily through these stair treads as it is very difficult for one dog to move comfortably on the wooden floor. So through these stair treads one dog can move frequently and easily. In winters it adds on to its warmth and gives a cozy feeling to everyone.

Stair Treads Carpet

Stair Treads CarpetApart from using wood and other materials for the stairs as a safety measure for preventing slipping and
falls, carpet is also commonly used for the same purpose. Any building that has staircase is prone to
witness several accidents on the staircases and so as to minimize the amount of accidents every other
day, safety measures for this regulation need to implemented. That is why the relevant fields have come
up with stair treads which are used to maximize the grips between our steps and the floor so that we
are more stable and do not slip and fall on the stair ways.

Carpets are widely used on stair treads for reason of creating a slip resistant floor and preventing
accidents and also as a beautifying agent in the homes. Carpets posses the characteristics of being able
to create a need friction between solids which enhances the grip thus lowering the chances of slips
especially from slippery floors made from tiles, concrete or even terrazzo. Carpets when properly
installed are able to firmly stick on the floor and create a much comfortable surface which ensures a
strong and rigid grip thus preventing users of the surface from slipping and hitting sensitive places of
their bodies like the head on the ground which might lead serious injuries or even become fatal.

Carpets come in variety of designs from the plain ones to the printed ones. This ability makes the carper
stair treads be common especially to those individuals who consider the beauty of the room as
important as its safety. Individuals are able to choose different prints that appease them most and those
prints that match up with the interior d