Stair Treads Carpet

Stair Treads CarpetApart from using wood and other materials for the stairs as a safety measure for preventing slipping and
falls, carpet is also commonly used for the same purpose. Any building that has staircase is prone to
witness several accidents on the staircases and so as to minimize the amount of accidents every other
day, safety measures for this regulation need to implemented. That is why the relevant fields have come
up with stair treads which are used to maximize the grips between our steps and the floor so that we
are more stable and do not slip and fall on the stair ways.

Carpets are widely used on stair treads for reason of creating a slip resistant floor and preventing
accidents and also as a beautifying agent in the homes. Carpets posses the characteristics of being able
to create a need friction between solids which enhances the grip thus lowering the chances of slips
especially from slippery floors made from tiles, concrete or even terrazzo. Carpets when properly
installed are able to firmly stick on the floor and create a much comfortable surface which ensures a
strong and rigid grip thus preventing users of the surface from slipping and hitting sensitive places of
their bodies like the head on the ground which might lead serious injuries or even become fatal.

Carpets come in variety of designs from the plain ones to the printed ones. This ability makes the carper
stair treads be common especially to those individuals who consider the beauty of the room as
important as its safety. Individuals are able to choose different prints that appease them most and those
prints that match up with the interior d