Stair Nosing for Vinyl Flooring

Stair Nosing for Vinyl FlooringThere are all different types of stair nosing made for different types of floors. So far, metal, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and rubber have been discussed. No one has seemed to talk about stair nosing for vinyl flooring.

Installing Vinyl Stair Nosing

VPI, a company based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, gives detailed instructions on how to install its stair nosing. Like its stair treads and riser, VPI Stair Nosing is available in suitable lengths and sizes. In order to acquire the appropriate fit for this product, cutting and dry fitting will be needed.

Make certain all requirements are satisfied concerning exterior preparation prior to beginning the installation. Plug any empty spaces in the wood or concrete steps with a cementitious-based repairing mix. Measure, engrave, and clip and dry mount the stair nosing to every step. Clean the back of the clipped nosing with a fresh dry cloth to get rid of any trash. Put on the one-inch VPI Adhesive Tape and VPI No. NC-2 Nose Caulk across both exteriors of the nosing. Keep the tape more than one inch from the essential angle of the nose. Clip additional tape. Rotate tape with a hand roller to guarantee appropriate grip to the tread. Take away the release paper from both edges of the nosing. Push the nosing evenly and securely to the step edge. Push the step piece of the nosing down from front to back. Revolve nosing with hand roller.

Product Offerings


Johnsonite, a company based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, created a flexible vinyl stair nosing. It safeguards the step edge from untimely abrasion. Many motifs summarize flooring edge to stop erosion. This vinyl stair nosing is striped for the visually impaired and also available in many fashions to satisfy the Americans with Disabilities Act and many other code stipulations as well as California Title 24. This product is a hard-wearing vinyl material and opposed to both slips and abrasions.

Koffler Sales sells Johnsonite vinyl stair nosing in an assortment of colors. In other words, whatever color that a Koffler Sales customer chooses, it is certain that it will complement his or her office building and appears nice. The stairs will be more secure for their clients and workers equally. Since this product is prepared of vinyl, it is a terrific material for his or her building. In addition, it is simple to fasten since only some glue is needed. Furthermore, Johnsonite vinyl stair nosing appears in a lot of various sizes. In other words, despite the steps