Stair Nose Installation

There are many people who wonder what the point of stair nose installation is. Are you one of them? Then perhaps you are not aware of the fact that stairways can lead to extremely dangerous accidents due to toppling and slipping down the stairs.

You would definitely not want such an incident to occur at your house or workplace. There is a solution to prevent the mishaps and it is very convenient and simple as well. All you need to do is purchase stair nose installation from Koffler sales.

You don’t have to worry about the price of stair nose installation. It is very cheap and you can easily afford it for the application on your stairways. Don’t you think it is always better to take precautionary and safety measures before a mishap takes place and harms anyone?

Today majority of the commercial building have staircases fitted with stair nose installation.   In the commercial buildings there is a lot of foot traffic. If there isn’t any stair nose installation, the stairways don’t abide by the rules and regulations of the safety and precautionary measures as required by commercial sectors.

Stair nose installation provides the secure grip between the surface area of the stairs and your feet. Koffler sales give you the option to choose from variety of stair nosing products different in size, color and style. The plastic based nosing as well as the metal based stair nose installations are the most popular and widely used ones.

Majority of the stairways have uneven and unaligned stair edges. This is one of the primary reasons for slipping and tumbling down the stairs. Thus, you get hurt and sometimes even get seriously injured. Stair nose installation provides an anti-slip edge ensuring you don’t tumble down and hurt yourself.

If you are the owner of any commercial building, it is of utmost importance that you fix stair nose installation. It provides a safer environment for the employees and the customers who are constantly using the stairways of the building. Safety of your employees and customers must be your first priority or else you have to deal with lawsuits and compensation charges that demands investing a lot of money.

With the application of stair nose installation you make sure that nobody gets hurt and injured. The use of stair nosing is equally beneficial for residential buildings and complexes where even children and elderly people use the stairways.

The best part about the stair nosing is that it doesn’t hamper the appearance of your building or the décor of your interior. Koffler sales offer different color combinations and you choose the one that suits the décor of your building perfectly. Moreover you get them in variable height and depth. So choose the right one that secures your every step.

Basically you don’t have to sacrifice the appearance of the interior and exterior of your building in the name of protection. Doesn’t this sound fantastic? Make your home and workplace a better and safer place with stair nose installation.

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