Stair Edging Vinyl

Stair Edging VinylJohnsonite, Incorporated, a company based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, specializes in selling building supplies. One of their products is vinyl stair edging, or stair nosing. This product is also sold at Koffler Sales. Johnsonite Vinyl Stair Nosings are created from a standardized makeup of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, first-class preservatives, and dyes to satisfy the operation conditions of ASTM F-2169 Standard Specification For Resilient Stair Treads. Johnsonite Vinyl Stair Nosings appear with a two, or 5.08 centimeter, wide co-extruded strip of complementary color to abide by American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Visually-Impaired, and California Title 24 Accessibility conditions. Customary preparation surpasses ASTM E 648 Class 1 Flammability conditions. Johnsonite Vinyl Stair Nosings are conceived for just inside uses and not suggested for industrial kitchen atmospheres.

Products Offered

Visually Impaired

The Recessed is presented in two models: VIRCN-XX-A and VIRCN-XX-B. VIRCN-XX-A has a two inch, or 5.08 centimeter pivoted square nose arrangement. Its tread is 3-1/8 inch, or 7.94 centimeter, deep with a two inch, or 5.08 centimeter, wide co-extruded complementary color strip. This stair nosing is undercut for