Stair Edging Strips

Stair Edging StripsIt may surprise some people, but stair edging strips are commonly known as stair nosing strips. A few of them are made of emery, which is the typical material found in nail files. Others are made out of metal such as aluminum or other materials like polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, slate, plastic, and so. If a person looks for them on the Internet, he or she can find that they are mostly manufactured in China.

However, Koffler Sales has its Blanke Anti-Skid Step and HD Anti-Skid Step Strips. The Anti-Skid Step Strip is the perfect stair edgings for stairways subjected to extreme traffic and rainy climates. Its PVC insert is mounted into an aluminum base to create a strong climate resilient stair nose. The HD Anti-Skid Step Strip is exclusively contrived to supply security and skid resilience for tiled steps in industrial uses subjected to extreme foot traffic. The HD Anti-Skid Step Strip