Stair Edging for Laminate Flooring

Stair Edging for Laminate FlooringOn September 15, 1998, Thomas J. Nelson, an inventor from Belton, Texas, patented the first stair edging for laminate flooring. This particular invention was only to be used on steps. The stair detail has a lengthened, inflexible base component for stair nosing installation. This must be done on the top edge of a stair step and an extended, stiff tread component covering and linked with the inflexible base component. The base component possesses a nose segment with a curved face exterior for marking out a top edge on a stair step and planar back exteriors that cross at right angles. Flanges lengthen across from and on the similar plane as the rear exteriors of the nose segment for placing the base section on the tread and riser of a stair step.

According to this information, stair edging, or stair nosing, for laminate flooring is a somewhat recent creation. A person must wonder how people protected laminated flooring be this was invented. If this product is anything like the other types of stair edgings, then it should be more or less complicated. Koffler Sales does not seem to sell stair edging for laminate flooring.

Proper Stair Nosing Installation for Laminate Flooring

Before doing any work, first sweep any trash off the stairway and measure the width of the step with the measuring tape. When all of the prep work is finished, now you can begin. Reduce the wood stair nose detail to the measurement of the step with the wood saw. Then use the hack saw to reduce the metal track to the measurement of the step. Fit the metal track on the stair nose with the liquid nails glue. Mount the track only near enough to the edge of the stair nose to permit the edge of the stair case molding to loom. Set aside time for the glue to dry, by adhering to the instructions on the tube of glue. Put the glue onto the stair nose molding and include it into the metal track. Set aside time for the glue to dry, by adhering to the instructions on the tube of glue.

Product Offerings

The stair nosing for wood laminate shields the laminate or carpet edge on the stair. The stair nosing for laminate is mounted with screws to permit a firm hold to the stair edge. The existence of the carpet or laminate floor at the stair edge is prolonged the utilization of the stairs shielded, and a stylish look became visible acknowledging to the installation of the stair nosing for laminate.

The laminate flooring end trim conceals the uneven edge of the wood laminate floor. The laminate flooring trim hides the asymmetrical edge. In addition, it gives limitation and lengthens the duration of the laminate floor by shielding it from deterioration.

In short, stair edging for laminate flooring is somewhat similar to the stair nosing for carpet. The installation instructions seem identical. A few types of laminate stair edgings can be used on carpeted stairs. Maybe, laminate is the new carpet.